Returning: Grand Designs Australia

New episodes of Grand Designs Australia begin tonight on ABC.

These are episodes from Season 5 which screened on Pay TV in 2014.

“Brookfield Spotted Gum”
Milly Davenport has lived with her two children, in the Brisbane valley of Brookfield for 6 years before she met Andrew Wilson. In time it became the base for their blended family, with the added bonus that it was perfect for their shared dream of eventually running a small farm with livestock.

They had already started buying cattle, but with the old run down weather board cottage well past its used by date and bulging at the seams, it was clear they need a new proper operational base – a modern farmhouse.

The brief to their architect was simple. A home that not only makes the very best of its location, but is truly unique. In short, as different as possible from the traditional ranch style and Queenslander neighbours.

And their architect certainly delivered.

8:30pm Thursday on ABC

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