Supernatural finale delayed

Finale delayed, leaving fans worried the show may not get a proper ending at all.

Supernatural fans may be in for a wait to see the last ever episode with Sam & Dean Winchester.

It’s just another of the shows that has been impacted by COVID-19 in the US.

18 of 20 episodes have been filmed, with 4 of them requiring more post-production work. Unfortunately visual effects and sound departments have closed during the current crisis.

Some fans are worried they show may never regroup to film the last 2 episodes.

But showrunner Andrew Dabb reassured on social media it was not a matter of “if” but “when.”

In Australia the show is screening Friday nights on 10 Peach with “Destiny’s Child” to screen this week, which is the most recent episode (to 10’s credit they did catch up, after a late start).

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead has also confirmed its finale will not end on Monday April 13, but will now end with season 10, episode 15 on Monday April 6, due to the impact of the virus.

Which is kinda ironic….

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  1. Unlike the usual situation, the cast and crew won’t have moved on to other shows when production can resume-I’d imagine that the studio would want the season finished for series syndication purposes-if worst came to worst the fiinal 2 eps could be done as a desk read through by the cast or similar.

  2. I wonder how many episodes are ready to be aired then. I think I would rather it ended now and the final 7 episodes were aired together instead of ending right in the middle of something really interesting.

    Sucks for TWD fans having to wait months for a single episode to wrap up the whisperers plot. I’m even happier now that I stopped watching after the first episode of season 10.

    David do you know if Better Call Saul season 5 is finished yet or will that have some episodes delayed as well?

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