T20 Women’s World Cup draws huge TV crowd

Ratings: Women's Cricket outranks MKR & Dancing with the Stars, as Nine booms in network share.

9GEM coverage of the ICC T20 Women’s World Cup drew a massive crowd of 531,000 viewers on Sunday.

Nine was heavily criticised for showing the game on its multichannels on International Women’s Day as it favoured MAFS on its primary channel. The cricket crowd proved to be bigger than rival juggernauts, sending MKR to a new low.

Married at First Sight still topped the night at 976,000, albeit down on previous Sundays.

It defeated Grand Designs (404,000 from 7:40pm), My Kitchen Rules (395,000) and Dancing with the Stars (352,000 from 7:30pm)

60 Minutes also thumped the competition, remaining high at 842,000. Stateless was 363,000 then The Good Doctor (286,000).

Nine’s combined lined-up delivered a huge network share of 43.3% -more than double the competition. Seven 21.6%, 10 14.6%, ABC 14.3% and SBS 6.1% all followed.

Nine News drew 766,000 on Nine. Murder on the Internet was 307,000.

Seven News won its slot at 789,000 for Seven. World’s Most Shocking Emergency Calls was 157,000.

The Sunday Project pulled 321,000 / 308,000 for 10. 10 News First (262,000) and a Graham Norton Show repeat (170,000) followed.

ABC News was 864,000 for ABC. A Very English Scandal (225,000) and Compass (163,000) also comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Secrets of our Cities (165,000), SBS World News (133,000) and North America with Simon Reeve (120,000).

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 8 March 2020

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  1. It a shame that no Australian camera operators were allowed to be part of the T20 tournament, the television rights holders brought in Indian camera operators for whole job. They were cheaper.

    1. cricket.com.au/news/tv-broadcast-figures-australia-india-2020-womens-t20-world-cup-final-record-figures/2020-03-09?fbclid=IwAR2aSf4XawYnNk_jv7b0sNJNL5d816oWL6p70_5l4smdeQ8Awv1YdJpgsGI

      I take it the 825,000 figure they’re quoting for ch9 viewers includes regional viewers? It’s not made clear in the article.

    2. Yep and that’s the average over the whole game, it includes video player measurement (VPM) numbers as well and of course doesn’t include Kayo Sports as Nines doesn’t 9Now streaming services. So you’re looking at 936,646 on the 5 City Metro, plus Kayo and 9Now not counted for, which means it may have come in a tad over or under a million with those included. Of course MAFS would pick some up on 9Now as well, plus it will be interesting to see what MAFS does on timeshifted when they come through in a week or so (was 100,000 on Sun Feb 23rd).

      1. According to Cricket.com.au, it says that over 825k watched it on 9GEM. I assume that the 825k is measured as Metro + Regional system.
        Nine could have shown on the primary channel, but decided that MAFS takes priority. Had it been shown on 9HD, the numbers would have clocked well past 1.1 million nationally. Yesterday was International Women’s day and this is a significant day for Women’s Sports.
        In WA, we had 2 AFLW matches on 7HD (Melb v WCE and Fremantle v Lions), which was good, though ratings were so soft.

    1. You might want to fact check that statement. The mens ODI World Cup final last year screened only on GEM. And I don’t ever recall (in the multichannel era) a mens or womens cricket game in any format superseeding the 6pm news.

      1. No cricket match, no nothing, would make them shift MAFS with the numbers it pulls. I think if MAFS was still going and Nine had the Olympics they would cut into the Olympics to screen it 😉

      2. Men’s ODI World Cup final was on GEM but Australia did not play in that one. Would of been on Nine had Australia made it IMHO.
        Still MAFS ahead of the Women’s T20 Final on the main channel on International Women’s Day doesn’t send the right message.
        I know the ratings exceeded 500,000 but if it was on the main channel the ratings would of been higher. Wouldn’t have hurt to shrink MAFS to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…

  2. I think it’s a deplorable reflection of society and Nine programming to prioritise MAFS. I also agree that the multichannels should be able to stand on their own and be considered in their own right. How it should be into the future.

    The cricket had all the winning factors, home team Australia and hugely popular Indian team in the final, along with the amazing Katy Perry and performance.

  3. Fantastic game, made all the better for the fact that Australia have really had to fight hard to get there and the fantastic tournament by the Indians until last night.

    Congrats to channel 9 for excellent coverage all the way through and great commentators from all participating nations. Loved every game.

    1. Admittedly I was watching the Kings lose to Perth at home. But even I figured out flicking, over during an ad break, that India were 4/30 after the powerplay and the match was done an dusted. over. We’ve won 5/7 World Cups. England are the only nation that can challenge us, and fortunately they don’t perform under pressure, just like their men’s team.

    2. During the arvo, I watched it on 9Now stream on my TV. The crowd at MCG was a record breaking with 86,174 at the stadium. 5 trophies in 7 World Cups. This is incredible.
      513k on 9Gem is exceptional. As much as I enjoyed watching the match in HD, it would have been nice to have it on the primary channel. That way the primary channel will increase significantly.

  4. The idea that Nine would risk disrupting their only popular show that anchors their entire weeks lineup, in an act of symbolic virtue signalling, is crazy and demonstrates a total lack of understanding of the economics of commercial mass media. It was in HD on GEM, MAFS got twice the ratings, but it still managed to do serious damage to Nine’s rivals.

    The bestest TV drama ever — Stateless — is down to 363k already. The producers are lucky that Netflix has already picked up the tab.

  5. The ratings for DWTS is a shame as it is a quality production and enjoyable to watch. I do feel though that the weak link in the show is Grant Denyer. Whilst Amanda Keller comes across as natural and professional, I always feel Grant is forced and at times painfully unfunny. I’d be happy for Amanda to host solo.

    1. The weak link isn’t Grant, it’s how drawn out the show is. Last night is a classic example, it took roughly 2 hours to see 7 couples dance individually, plus the group dance and the ‘dance off’. Just life Survivor, they need to hire an editor or two!

        1. So you hung around to watch the dance off… I’d had enough by then and switched channels for the last time. The dance off is just a waste of time, the judges just need to say who they think should stay or go based on their body of work up to that point.

          1. I switched to Messiah, which I need to finish. I came back to the end to see who was voted off in case it was newsy. I like DWTS but the back stories being recreated was annoying me this week.

  6. Sorry. I don’t get the critism about Nine screening the cricket on 9GEM. Both Nine and 9GEM are HD in metro markets, and the mens ODI world cup final last year (which also was a Sunday evening) was also on 9GEM.

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