The Latest: Mar 2

Michael Usher for a special one-hour edition on Coronavirus ...followed by the movie Outbreak.

The Latest will tonight broadcast a special edition following the first Australian death from coronavirus.

Michael Usher for a special one-hour edition at 10pm followed by a movie replay of Outbreak (just in case you were not already paranoid).

SWAT and Proven Innocent will be rescheduled.

Globally, there have now been 90,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and almost 3000 deaths. A 78-year-old man from Perth who spent time on board the Diamond Princess has become the first Australian to die from the disease.

The Latest from 7NEWS will have comprehensive coverage and up-to-the-minute information from our team of experienced 7NEWS reporters in Australia and overseas and a wealth of experts on this developing crisis.

4 Responses

  1. Sorry Ch 7 buy your programming last night was a disgrace. Lets whip up public hysteria by showing not only an un-programmed (however advertised on 7 and here) Corona Virus News Special, but back it up with the movie Outbreak.

  2. I’d call it taking advantage of an ongoing tragic news event for TV viewership! The movie’s (and similarly themed movie “Contagion”) been shown multiple times in recent months.

  3. It’s like the old Creature Feature they used to have on a Friday or Saturday nights,I think it was 7 by memory as it was a long time ago.
    Those were the good old days.

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