The Latest moves to 7pm, Home & Away out.

Michael Usher fronts early edition on Seven. Home & Away is out for two weeks.

Seven has just advised The Latest will broadcast a special one-hour edition Live from 7pm (AEDT) every night for the next two weeks.

Michael Usher will be joined each night by Australia’s government and medical leaders for official updates about the next phases of the pandemic plan, as well as the latest health advice.

Seven will continue to break into programming to broadcast updates and Live press conferences.


6pm Seven News
7pm The Latest
8pm MKR
9:30pm Seven News (local editions)
10pm What the Killer Did Next rpt
11pm God Friended Me
12am Talking Footy

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  1. So now Home & Away is out. This is getting beyond ridiculous. I know they have to keep us informed but this is too much. How many times can they tell us the same thing over & over & over? Thank God for ch 10. At least they are keeping normal scheduling. Ch 9 is still advertising Doctor Doctor for Wednesday night.

  2. It’s ridiculous that Seven have taken off Home and Away when they have so many episodes “in the can”. Even if God forbid this lasts more than six months, stop showing it when you run out, not when you have them.

  3. This now makes me glad that they are showing The Blacklist on 7Two – at least it shouldn’t be moved around the schedule, unlike The Resident that started one hour late last night.

  4. i can understand why Seven are airing The Latest at an earlier night, but for an hour each night?

    Just hope they have enough content to fill two hours worth of news between 6 and 8pm.

  5. Home And Away Out Of Schedule means I won’t be watching 7 at all – There is way 2 much news on TV about this Virus as it is – There is no reason why Home And Away can’t be seen On 7Two

    1. Maybe the fact that production on the show itself has had to stop? 6 months worth of episodes won’t last forever. Especially if these sort of strict restrictions have to remain in place for longer than that. Better off stockpiling the episodes and testing if a news service would rate on Seven at 7PM. Since it’s well known that H&A has been underperforming in that slot for a while anyway

  6. I’m so over news. It’s overkill. 2 hours of it too since we get news beforehand as well. I understand what’s going on is serious but it’s just too much. I turn to tv to get away from it and watch shows that isn’t related. They removed 911 already and now this? Netflix, Stan, Disney+ and Survivor on 10 is looking good for a while.

  7. The Latest is pointless to the people of WA. Yesterday there was live breaking news on 7 News @ 6 and then The Latest came on afterwards without that new information as it is three hours old.

    1. I’m in NSW but was thinking the same. The Latest is a strange name for WA, SA, NT and Qld, – simply because it is not. And does 7 still plaster that hideous red “Live” caption all over it, when it’s not “live” but three hours old?

  8. While understanding these are incredible times, and appetite for news/info is certainly strong, it’s a bit curious to have Seven News 6-7pm, followed by (effectively) another hour of news running 7-8pm! While things have certainly been moving very fast over recent days, much of the second hour of news will surely likely, most days, by just a repetition or re-packaging if what most viewers will have already seen at 6pm!

  9. This is terrible programming from 7, what are they doing? airing MKR later in the night will make there be much less viewers and especially for the finale. They obviously don’t care about the show.

      1. Or maybe they are putting it on for two weeks because someone has inside mail that the Olympics would be postponed. As such, the two weeks that were missed here would be made up when the Olympics would’ve been on.

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