Will Love Island proceed for Nine?

With all the shows that have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic what is the outlook for Love Island Australia in 2020?

Any 2020 series is currently facing limitations around international filming and social distancing rules, subject to things changing in coming months.

Nine’s Director of Programming Hamish Turner has given TV Tonight an update from a previous programming wrap.

“Last time we were discussing what the future of that held and where we were going to shoot. That conversation has obviously shifted again with the current circumstances that we’re in,” he said.

“We’re still working with ITV if there is a show this year how you can get that to air.

“We’re obviously in extraordinary times and there are certain things out of our control that have put a bit of a spanner in the works. We’re working through those at the moment.”


  1. jezza the first original one

    The age group that participate in this truly wonderful show, are, according to many reports not exactly complying with physical distancing..so should the show just go ahead?

  2. Not to much social distancing if any in shows like this. Would think it would be the first show to cease production and the last to recommence

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