10 implements brief staff shutdown after Easter

EXCLUSIVE: Network 10 will implement a temporary shutdown period for around half of its workforce after the Easter long weekend, from Tuesday April 14 – Saturday 17, and encourage them to work a 9 day fortnight commencing on April 20.

It is not expected to impact on broadcasting, including the News division ( measures do not relate to 10 Daily, News, Studio 10, The Project ).

In a note to staff Chief Content Officer and Executive Vice President Beverley McGarvey said, “COVID-19 has caused extensive and fast moving change in the broadcast industry and I would like to thank and acknowledge all of you for your ongoing hard work, support and commitment to 10.

“During this time, I sincerely appreciate your help in ensuring Network 10 remains a sustainable and high performing business as we travel through uncharted waters.

“We are working to ensure we come through this as a stronger, more innovative and more agile organisation.

“Despite more viewers turning to television for the latest news, information and entertainment that we provide, business has been directly impacted by the COVID-19 process. It has clearly affected our day to day operations, at least temporarily.”

10 remains committed to maintaining its News and Broadcast operations during this period.

“We are all in this together and together we can limit the impact of covert on our business and our people,” McGarvey added.

Yesterday Seven CEO James Warburton instructed staff to take a 20% pay cut and to use annual leave.

10 has been contacted for comment.


  1. thedirtydigger

    And what a joke that “The Living Room” is off air at a time when it’s team would be smashing it with so many people watching TV.
    I reckon it will be off air until 2021 – you heard it here first.
    Didn’t TEN take this “in house ” to create a bold and brand new lifestyle show with Amanda, Baz, Chris and Miguel ? …So, how come so many, many months later they throw in the towel and have to buy the IP and Title from the production company WTFN who they got rid off in the first place because they wanted a new format ?
    Who is responsible for this mess and why do they still have a job ?

  2. “the Easter long weekend”
    A plea to those in the media, pls refer to Easter as Easter and not “the Easter long weekend”. We all know when and what Easter is. Thanks. I feel better now.

    • The Monday public holiday is not part of the formal religious observance of Easter-it is correct to refer to the period Friday to Monday inclusive as the Easter long weekend.

    • >> We all know when <<

      I'm not sure it's of much interest to Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims for a start; so perhaps we all don't know.

      As for the Christians, the Orthodox Church and the 'western' church don't agree on a date – so not even the Christians know when it is – or at the very least, they think it is on different days.

      And Easter is in fact, just one day – Easter aka Easter Day aka Easter Sunday

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