2020 NFL Draft on ESPN

Annual NFL Draft will be presented as a three-day virtual fundraiser benefitting six charities.

The 2020 NFL Draft will be presented Live on ESPN Australia / New Zealand as a three-day virtual fundraiser benefitting six charities.

The Walt Disney Company has worked with the National Football League to offer a unique presentation for all seven rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Originally scheduled to be on-site in Las Vegas, Nevada it will now originate from ESPN’s Bristol, Conn., studios and adhere to proper social distancing guidelines and local workplace rules due to COVID-19.

“The NFL draft is always a highly anticipated event for our fans across Australia and New Zealand,” ESPN Australia New Zealand General Manager Haydn Arndt said.

“We look forward to presenting the 2020 NFL Draft and providing some hope for football fans everywhere, given the challenging times we are living in.

“Fans have a great appetite for sport, and we’re happy to help provide some sense of normality for them.”

The National Football League and ESPN hope the 2020 NFL Draft will bring fans a small but welcome diversion in the middle of a difficult and unprecedented time.

Draft hosts and a limited number of commentators will be in-studio while a majority of the analysts, reporters and other experts will contribute remotely from home studios. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will introduce the picks from his home.

The NFL Draft will also feature a “Draft-A-Thon” which will pay tribute to healthcare workers and first responders in a variety of ways – including raising funds for the work being done to combat the impact of COVID-19.

Funds will help support six national nonprofits and their respective COVID-19 relief efforts.

ESPN Australia New Zealand will also offer expanded digital coverage of the 2020 NFL Draft.

SportsCenter Australia host Phil Murphy and ESPN.com.au expert Laurie Horesh will co-host a special interactive program ‘After the Draft’ following each day of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Fans can participate in the unique social media presentation by joining in the interactive program on Facebook Live, where they can ask questions, debate hosts and get the latest reaction.

ESPN will also have extensive preview programming in the lead up to each day of the draft.

Popular magazine show NFL Live, College GameDay and NFL Draft Countdown will all feature before day one and two of the draft, along with ESPN’s regular SportsCenter and SportsCenter Australia coverage.

ESPN.com.au is also the place to be for all the editorial coverage, with the latest news, interviews and features out of the 2020 NFL Draft.

All times are AEST:

Friday 24th April –
5:00am – NFL Live, ESPN
7:00am – College GameDay, ESPN
9:00am – NFL Draft Countdown, ESPN
10:00am – 2020 NFL Draft, Day 1: Round 1 Live
6:30pm – 2020 NFL Draft, Day 1: Round 1 – Replay

Saturday 25th April –
5:00am – NFL Live , ESPN
7:00am – College GameDay, ESPN
8:00am – NFL Draft Countdown, ESPN
9:00am – 2020 NFL Draft, Day 2: Rounds 2-3 Live
5:30pm – 2020 NFL Draft, Day 2, Round 2-3 – Replay

Sunday 26th April –
1:00am – College GameDay, ESPN
2:00am – 2020 NFL Draft, Day 3, Round 4-7 Live

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