7NEWS Investigates: Ruby Princess

On Sunday Denham Hitchcock presents 7NEWS Investigates: Ruby Princess: Outbreak Unleashed, which delves into the story of sick cruise ship passengers who disembarked in Sydney.

This major 7NEWS investigation examines the critical errors and cover-ups in the deepening Ruby Princess coronavirus crisis, to date responsible for seven deaths and 10 per cent of all COVID-19 cases in Australia.

Featuring interviews with key players at the centre of the developing scandal and passengers aboard the fateful cruise, 7NEWS reveals damning new information in documents obtained from the highest echelons of government detailing the truth of what the boarding passengers of the Ruby Princess unwittingly walked into, and those who knew about it.

It was a cruise that should have been cancelled.

When 2700 holidaymakers boarded the Ruby Princess on March 8 for a round-tour of New Zealand, what they didn’t know was they were walking on to a floating petri dish. That hours before they’d stepped aboard, sick passengers from the previous tour had disembarked.

By the time the ship returned to Sydney in the early hours on March 19, the COVID-19 virus had spread rapidly through the ship. Yet all passengers were granted permission to come ashore and use any means of travel to return to their homes both in Australia and in many cases, overseas – no warnings of the dangers they faced, the peril on board and the danger they now posed to the wider community.

7NEWS investigative reporter Denham Hitchcock presents this explosive investigation into how the Ruby Princess became a breeding ground for the largest cluster of COVID-19 in the country, now spread to every state and territory – and other parts of the world.

Sunday at 7pm on 7.


  1. I think the media has overestimated the publics appetite for these blame games. The crisis is still ongoing, politicians and health leaders surely have more important things to worry about and should be allowed to do their job.
    There will be a time and a place for these questions, I think a royal commission is a given, now isn’t the time.

      • carolemorrissey

        I worry the wrong person/people will be made a scapegoat & lose their job. Our Govt has a proven track record of refusing to take responsibility & cover ups. Don’t trust them at all or this so called ‘independent’ enquiry.

  2. Just watched a press conference with the NSW Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer. Denham Hitchcock completely hijacked the press conference, assumedly for this program. Talking/yelling over journalists and the Minister and CMO, asking 10 questions before any other journalist got a word in. The Minister had to step in and ask for ‘courtesy’, while trying to allow other journos to ask one question. No doubt they won’t edit it that way tomorrow night though.

  3. What a great idea! They should consider starting a current affairs show. They could call it.. i dunno? Maybe Sunday Night pr something?

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