Airdate: Coronavirus: The Race for a Cure

This Sunday on Coronavirus: The Race for a Cure Peter Stefanovic investigates how Australia and countries overseas are battling to beat the COVID-19 virus.

The half-hour special takes audiences inside the laboratories racing against time to develop a COVID-19 vaccine or cure and reveals how close we may be to a breakthrough.

Sky News Sunday night coronavirus specials including; The Facts & The Fiction, How to Survive The Crisis, The Lockdown and Ground Zero are all available to view at

7:30pm Sunday on SKY News.


  1. The Last Post

    We endured Peter’s expose on the crackpot Malaysian Airlines pilot – the teases – the recaps – the endless Tony Abbott asides – the never-ending Deja vu promises…
    Never again, thanks anyway, Peter.

  2. It will take over a year or more, if it can be done, and everything is just speculation until you have something you can start testing and get some real evidence. Until then we have to plan on the basis of there not being one.

    Scientists tried for a couple of years to create a SARS-CoV-1 vaccine but failed before SARS was eradicated. WHO has had it listed a top priority in case it was needed again since 2004 but we haven’t come up with one. Same with MERS, the Israelis put a lot of effort in but had achieved nothing by the time it was eradicated. There have been advances in molecular biology but you can’t predict anything.

    Now that they have an antibody test it has been confirmed this week that many people who recovered easily from mild cases have little or even no antibody response against SARS-CoV-2. That means that immunity or a vaccine may not help, or could even make…

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