Airdate: Miriam’s Big Fat Adventure

Actress Miriam Margolyes addresses weight and obesity issues in Britain, on ABC.

Next week ABC premieres Miriam’s Big Fat Adventure, a two part UK series in which 78 year old Miriam Margolyes addresses weight and obesity issues in Britain.

ABC also has a locally-produced doco with Margolyes, Almost Australian.

Harry Potter actress Miriam Margolyes takes a chastening look at the UK’s growing problem of obesity. Miriam’s weight has overshadowed her whole life and she’s not alone. Britain is one of the most obese countries in Western Europe with more than half the population predicted to be obese by 2050. To understand why we’re all getting bigger, Miriam confronts her own obsession with food and meets people trying to conquer theirs. She meets proud plus size dancers challenging the pressures of social media; hangs out with super heavyweights recovering from extreme irreversible weight loss surgery; and attends the Man vs Fat football nationwide league, set up to allow overweight men to come together, tackle their personal issues and lose weight.

9:30pm Tuesday on ABC.

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