April Fool’s Day postponed to 2021

After ongoing speculation, the International April Fool’s Committee (IAF) held a conference call overnight with key international pranksters and agreed to postpone April Fool’s Day to 2021.

In the present circumstances and based on the information provided by the WHO’s On First, they concluded that April Fool’s Day should be rescheduled to 2021 to safeguard the health and safety of pranksters everywhere.

Pranksters and media who have been preparing fake news around Whoopee Cushions, IKEA, Netflix, the Logie Awards, Vegemite, Google Maps, and (especially) Toilet Rolls have been instructed to kindly reassemble in 2021.

It was also agreed to keep the name April Fool’s Day 2020.



  1. i was hoping today i might see Donald Trump, Boris Johnson & Scomo doing a video conference on tv saying ‘April Fools! hahahahaa yeah the Covid19 pandemic is all a joke, we thought we’d get in early & start it off 3 months ago and now its the greatest April Fools prank the world has ever seen!’…..no such luck!

  2. PaddoBeeGee

    Can’t tell the difference anymore between April Fool pranks and real life! Just watched Tiger King on Netflix and half way through was wondering it it was all a hoax!

  3. I’m glad April Fools Day didn’t go ahead this year. I was never a fan of it, but to have silly nonsense like that in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic would have been particularly inappropriate. Sometimes it isn’t the time or place.

  4. I’m never a fan of pranks and more so during this period. I find them incredibly cruel. We’ve seen how pranks in the past, particularly radio pranks have very much severely ruined and lost opportunities for people like Mel Grieg, Russel Brand and others because of subsequent controversy and scandal and I find the notion of pranking disturbing. Though I do laugh at the notion of an International April Fool’s Committee (IAF). If we were to look back at TV prank shows, prominent ones were Just For Laughs: Gags, Just Kidding, Prank Patrol, Surprise Surprise Gotcha, Punk’d etc. for example. Prank TV shows have been very popular in Japan too. There was also an infamous prank from April fools day in 1957 in which the well-known BBC Panorama current affairs program claimed that spaghetti was harvested from trees.

  5. Actually, April Fools Day pranks were banned on ABC Radio Brisbane’s breakfast show this morning and listeners told to phone or text in their funniest jokes. Hilarious!

  6. can’t lie. very disappointed you didn’t post your usual April Fools Day prank. I was looking forward to it. It seems than now even our sense of humour is in lockdown.

  7. daveinprogress

    How wonderfully existential and self referential! A fake April fools day post about April Fools Day. Bravo David well played.

  8. No April fools day prank could upstage some of the true stories we’ve had over the past month. From Tracey hosting ACA from her bedroom to the whole social distancing on TV shows.

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