Axed: Party of Five

Party of Five reboot, which has just begun airing on SBS VICELAND, has been axed in the US after one season.

The reboot of the 1990s drama followed the five Acosta children as they struggle to survive as a family unit after their parents are suddenly deported to Mexico.

It ended its single-season run in early March, and averaged only 250,000 Live+Same Day US viewers.

Source: Variety


  1. Again, being orphaned and forced to rely on each other (the original) is simply not the same as having the parents just across the border with modern comms-silly idea.

  2. No surprises there. Seeing the ads during homeland, this reboot looked awful and I couldn’t be bothered watching to find out why the kids just didn’t go back to Mexico with them. Last time I went to Mexico it was a one way turnstile in from the us with no passport checks. Getting back into the us required some paperwork.

  3. I watched the entire first season on SBS OnDemand last week and really enjoyed it. I had a feeling they didn’t anticipate a second season due to the way season one wrapped up.

  4. That surprises me! Very low numbers…perhaps it doesn’t resonate with 2020 audiences.

    Also David a typo in the year the original aired.

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