Bauer Media suspends print mags, axes staff.

TV Week publisher Bauer Media will temporarily suspend print editions of some of its magazines and run as online editions, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

70 staff have been made redundant and a similar number will be stood down.

It has not named the titles impacted.

The announcement came just hours after the publisher announced the 2020 Logie Awards would not go ahead.

Bauer Media is also locked in discussions with the Seven Network to purchase its Pacific Magazines arm -due to be completed on Friday.

Other Bauer titles include Woman’s Day, Women’s Weekly, NW, Take 5, OK! magazine, Good Health & Well Being and Empire.

CEO Brendon Hill told staff: “These are unprecedented times. The COVID-19 crisis and the strict measures being taken to control it are having a profound impact on the Australian economy and any business that operates in it. This has led to a sharp decrease in advertising revenues in Australia over the short term and we have had to reshape our organisation accordingly.”

Source: mediaweek


  1. Hi David, do u know which magazines are going to be stopped printing as I will be sad if TV Week was one of them as I get TV Week every week since I was a child

  2. Bauer is in real trouble. Many of those readers who have stopped buying their magazines will consider the money they are saving and the fact they don’t miss them. And will never buy them again.

  3. Can’t believe print versions have lasted this long! Forget the last time I bought a magazine. Thought they were just something these days you find covered in germs in the waiting room of the Doctors, Dentist or Fish & Chip shop.
    They should all look to places like here on this website as to how people get their news and showbiz gossip these days.
    Perhaps with Brendon Hill’s claim of a sharp decrease in advertising revenue, we may have already seen the last TV Week sponsored Logie Awards.

  4. Well they could’ve pushed the sales a little for the TV Week Mag if they did a logies voting by magazine and winners published in the mag with online content released of winners receiving trophies at home.

    The UK has done it with several of their awards, TVT does it, there are ways to do an award without the glitz and glamour.

  5. I really enjoy reading magazines. My favourites are TV Week (I’m a collector like Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza), TV Soap, Soap World, New Idea, That’s Life and Take 5. My grandma and nanna both like Better Homes and Gardens.
    Could this impact on Newsagents?

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