BVOD boom during pandemic

Broadcast Video on Demand (aka Catch-up) is booming in 2020, and particularly during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Drama is the most popular Genre in BVOD, but it is News that ranked second in Week 13 (March 22- 28). Children’s TV was third followed by Reality, Other & Entertainment.

Broadcast Video on Demand 2017 – 2020

Top 10 Genres Weeks 8 – 13 2020


  1. I’ve discovered 10 All Access. I’m on a 30 day free trial and have discvoered old gems like Charmed-and the reboot, Diagnosis Murder, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and more. I know Diagnosis Murder is on free to air but no subtitles where as 10 All Access has subtitles which is great for me. I’m not sure if 10 All Access counts though?

  2. Just watched my children watch Survivor in one big school holiday binge and then watch the final live. Biggest frustration was the repetition of the same commercials over and over again – sometimes the same ad 4 times in a row. There were also frequent crashes with the commercials requiring the episode to be started again. Ten Play seems to the worst of the BVOD services with advertising.

  3. I’ve been streaming and not watching live FTA for the last three weeks, ever since the networks went supernova with news coverage about COVID-19.
    Ratings seem to reflect I’m in the minority not tuning in, the extended coverage of fear.

    I’ve found some great gems the last three weeks streaming catch ups. The Secret Life Of Us on 7 Plus and Doctor Doctor on 9NOW.

    Perhaps as mentioned previously, it’s time for the networks to give some Drama a go in prime time whilst the nation is in isolation.

    You can get sensible updates about COVID-19 from government sources. I’d strongly advice anyone looking to protect your mental health to avoid the make you sweat and tune in all night extended news coverages on the FTA networks.

  4. Thanks for reporting this. It astounds me that Dramas are very popular in time shifting and BVOD, but networks continue to ‘invest’ and prioritise reality in their 7:30 and beyond the 8:30 timeslot.
    If they make them and air them at a decent time and show them consistently they will become water cooler topics of conversation, when we can all return to work and discuss them!

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