Couple quits House Rules after format twist

House Rules contestants Carly and Andrew have quit the Seven show after one episode, incensed with a format twist that will eliminate two teams.

The Queensland couple walked off the show last night telling producers they were unhappy with a first week challenge in which two teams will be eliminated after a Gold Coast penthouse renovation.

“This curve ball of two (teams) being eliminated has thrown me for six. I’m not a quitter, but this game has changed a lot,” said Carly.

“It’s no longer, ‘Get on House Rules, get your house renovated.’ It’s ‘House Rules-two-(teams) -get eliminated-and-then-the-rest-get-a-house-reno.’ It’s not what I expected at all.”

A producer was seen in the episode explaining the show’s new format twist.

“Do you understand that as part of a television process and making a show, shows change, shows evolve? Things change all the time?” the producer asked.

But Carly insisted her bedroom zone did not have enough time to make it ‘pop.’

“We knew we were getting eliminated anyway. I’d rather have my dignity and self respect and leave on my own terms,” she replied.

“I signed up for House Rules as I knew it. Not as it is now.”

“I’m not going to stand here and argue with you,” the producer insisted.

Their departure forced the show to scramble for an outcome.

Host Jamie Durie asked the remaining teams to take on the extra renovation for potential extra points. No team would be eliminated at the end of the penthouse challenge, but there is still a second challenge with an elimination on the way.

7pm Sunday – Thursday on Seven.


  1. CriticalVoice

    I can’t understand how any Australian network can broadcast a national show, intended for all states, such as “House Rules” but blatantly disrespect some states by not having at least one entry from each state for the majority of the season. Appalling in itself and something not worth watching in the long run, whether you’re from the disadvantages states or not. So, like MKR, this show has now developed into something so distorted and unkind to viewers, it cheats them out of anything they thought it stood for, alienating them to the extreme. I see where the contestants are coming from when they left early in disgust. However, as a viewer after no less than two episodes, I see two sets of contestants from NSW and none representing 3 other states. Confirms what all non-eastern seaboard states believe, they pretty much get token gestures, crap or no representation at all. They rarely…

  2. To those people who think it’s like the block think twice before posting. They had a challenge similiar to this last season for a charity no elimination. So why complain wait for the first week to finish then post. Has anybody has complained about MAFS copying MKR with the dinner parties nope haven’t seen anything like that.

    Why does every post about seven is nasty 9 copies too

  3. The Things I've Seen.

    It feels more and more that as each year passes, House Rules is becoming more and more like “The Apartment”. I mean, they now have two of the same judges/hosts in Jamie and LLB. Now they are actually renovating an apartment, even if it’s only a challenge for the first week.

  4. I don’t watch this show but it is called house rules not the block, so why they are renovating the focus apartment penthouse. I would quit too.

  5. was very happy to see them go, If they had made it to the final 6 I don’t think I would have continued to watch her voice was so freaking annoying… that being said, I feel like all the couples seem to be the annoying type. so it will be interested to see how this goes.

  6. Ok here is my 2c. The contract would have totally allowed for producers to run / vary the show as they see fit so in this sense, it is what they signed up for. Format twists in Reality have been going on since as far back shows like Joe Millionaire, where the bachelor was not loaded. Survivor has eliminated people with a challenge from the moment they land on the beach. The Block has had opening week challenges with rooms. But part of me begrudgingly admires contestants who refuse to play along and fight the system. The genre is about manipulation and sometimes that swaps sides.

    • I can see why they were annoyed but she had a bad attitude from the get go and they resigned themselves to going home before they decided to leave themselves. They definitely didn’t leave with dignitiy as she stated. Would’ve been different if she/they were actually nice with a positive attitude and then left. Imagine if all of the Big Brother housemates walked out in the year the prize money changed where they lost money for breaking rules.

    • Minor pernickety note on your Survivor example: I believe you are referencing the Day 2 elimination on Survivor US 10: Palau.
      That elimination was via a schoolyard pick (not by Challenge) – that challenge was only to determine the captain roles.

      But you’re point still stand – it a sudden Episode 1 elimination that was not by the regular format (Tribal Council ballot).

  7. The show is marginally better now without these two. They had already, in just one show, shown themselves incapable of the challenge. In every series, there have been twists and working within those has always been part of the skill set required. It also normal for every other competition show – just because the show was one way in the past, does not guarantee anything in the current show.

    Apart from that, the show has deteriorated this year and the penthouse renovation was a bad idea. I am hanging on to see if the actual houses part gets better. Good contestants, though.

    There was no mention of an ultimate prize, and continual mention of getting your house renovated as if that was the only benefit. Have they ditched a proper prize?

    I also dislike the constant sexual innuendo and double entendres. Not in the spirit of the show as it was previously done.

      • clem_official

        Agree with you David, not announcing the prize on Episode 1 is a big overlook and 100k seems a bit small given the prize was 250k last year, I guess they’re trying to save some money like MKR which reduced their prize to 100k as well.

  8. This was just a d*** move by seven – If it was not in the contract or explained to the contestants then I can sympathise with the couple that left.They are just trying to build more tension on the set. They screwed MKR and I stopped watching a little way into last season – I can feel this going the same way. MAFS has got a lot to answer for

  9. Good for them. I’d be the same. If i was going into this series knowing that my house wasn’t going to be renovated and the first two teams get eliminated first, i’d probably quit too. Especially given the rules of all past seasons. Thats the reason you go on this show, you get a renovated house regardless of results. Honestly also the new judges grate me and i miss Joh Griggs as host. LLB and Carolyn are the only good ones left on the show which i’ve watched from day one and now i’m contemplating not even watching this season now.

  10. battlestargalactica

    Good for them. From memory House Rules usually rates lower at the beginning of a series before building towards the end? Obviously producers thought this was a way to grab eyeballs early. Probably should have let the contestants know what they were signing up for.

  11. Good on them: it was always the show with a guaranteed prize for all contestants – your house renovated (maybe not to your style, or up to any quality standard).

  12. They probably couldn’t handle the heat .. being so close to damn hot Rhys .
    Hottest guy on a reality show so far this year lol
    ? ? ?

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