Eddie McGuire vs Tony Jones: “Don’t wind me up with a smart-arse last line!”

It was a simple question from Nine News‘ Tony Jones to Collingwood President Eddie McGuire…

“What’s your stance on members wanting their money back?”

Then all hell broke loose…


  1. Though from this argument, I agree with Eddie McGuire more but a bit too angry, should tone it down a little bit.
    But Eddie McGuire is right.!

  2. Our family are all current Collingwood members do we want out money we personally do not, but ongoing if the AFL do not put in new salary guidelines for players and the bloated coaching staffs, the dozens of analysis people at each club.We will not be renewing.
    Eddie our players are getting paid, tens of thousands out of work at the minute are not.

  3. Eddie’s point was correct….but as always he communicated badly. Why all the pointing? Oh that’s right…in a season where there is no AFL happening, he needs as many people to watch his AFL tv Show. As a supporter of club that has had very limited success most of my life, I have to consider my membership charity anyway.

  4. What a joke Eddie
    Currently we’re in a world crisis,it’s not all about you and your footy mates in Corporate boxes
    There are people out there seriously doing it tough and you don’t even have the decency to give these desperate people an answer
    You really do need to remember where this game came from,that is from a Working class mans arena,now the working class man can’t go to a game because it’s out of his reach
    Sure you will be fine in your Toorak mansion
    If your so concerned why don’t you and your rich comrades make a donation

  5. Surely no one is buying this are they? This was a set-up, a bit of theatre to try and drag some ratings to the now-twice-a-week, ‘football free’ FC. In a desperate act and in the absence of any real footy ‘biffo’ on the field they staged one in the studio. It reminded me of a poor man’s WWE with Eddie going for zero to a 100 in a nano second.

    • I could totally get why you might think that but maybe you’ve never watched him on Millionaire Hot Seat. He quite often cracks bad one liners and seriously seems to think that they are really funny & he is a gifted comedian. He seems to live in a bit of his own fame bubble, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he also has a bit of a flair for being overly dramatic too & just doesn’t want to have to answer to anybody.

  6. LogieNomNomNom

    Wow. As a great example, Melbourne Theatre Company have been very transparent about their membership, giving options to donate, exchange or be refunded. Classy move.

  7. Is anyone watching Footy Classified?? Caroline vs Eddie is fantastic… Honestly, those two will not last the season on the panel together, Caroline W should be the host – soooo good

  8. Oh look who it is, the guy that wanted to drown a woman for a laugh and racially abused the Australian of the Year on more than one occasion. How he still gets a gig is beyond me.

  9. I’m definitely no fan of TJ but he really held himself up there.
    If members aren’t going to get anything for their money, Eddie is saying that money should be kept by the club as charity??

    Intimidation in the absence of an actual argument is what I see.

    I think there are members out there that might not have asked for a refund out of laziness, that will watch this video and be calling the club straight away.

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