Gallery: Bloom

Stan’s second season of Bloom is back for an Easter binge tomorrow, with returning cast including Bryan Brown, Jacki Weaver, Phoebe Tonkin, Genevieve Morris, John Stanton, Anne Charleston & Terry Norris.

New cast include Jacqueline McKenzie, Gary Sweet, Bella Heathcote, Toby Schmitz, Jackson Heywood and Ed Oxenbould.

In season two, time has passed and news of the miracle has spread, but this time around the plant has transformed and the experience and its side effects are far more severe. With the town’s secret having leaked, Anne Carter (Jacqueline McKenzie) – the former CEO of a biotech company – arrives in Mullan with her young daughter and her friend’s teenage son, Luke (Ed Oxenbould), for a tree-change but it’s only her cover story. John Melvin (Toby Schmitz), the troubled new priest is trying hard to rally faith and is desperate for a miracle from God; while beloved former actress Gwen Reed (Jacki Weaver/Phoebe Tonkin), has cheated death once again. But at what cost? As news of a “second generation” plant emerges, a battle between nature, science and faith erupts.

Thursday on Stan.

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