Have You Been Paying Attention?: May 4

First panel on the iso-edition of Have You Been Paying Attention? are Sam Pang, Ed Kavalee, Kitty Flanagan, Marty Sheargold, and Urzila Carlson.

Broadcasting to Quizmaster Tom Gleisner from the comfort of her home this Monday is stand-up comic Kitty Flanagan, who has generously taken a night off from tending to her cats to share with us her relatable isolation tales and her impressive news knowledge.

Joining Kitty is the award-winning, audacious drive radio host Marty Sheargold, and Urzila Carlson, the effortlessly likeable New Zealand comic that you would be chuffed to have at your barbecue. Once barbecues are legal again, that is.

Ed Kavalee will be hot on the buzzer, fresh from his journey on Dancing With The Stars. And of course, Sam Pang wouldn’t miss the opportunity to be there to share his thoughts on Ed’s journey on Dancing With The Stars.

Our fast five will induce barrages of laughter with their quick-witted responses to the news headlines of the week when Have You Been Paying Attention? returns this Monday, granted their NBN connections are cooperating.

8:30pm(ish) Monday May 4 on 10.


  1. Can’t wait for Tom and co to return! A show like this is really needed during isolation. The TV Week lists the guests as Ed, Urzila, Dilruk, Hayley Sproull and Anne Edmonds.

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