Homer not Krusty: Simpsons producer dispels rumour

A former executive producer of The Simpsons has debunked a fan theory that Homer Simpson was disguised as Krusty the Clown in the famed episode Who Shot Mr. Burns? -which would have put a whole new spin on Maggie Simpson revealed the culprit.

Fans were speculating that a shot of Krusty in the scene where Burns’ body is discovered was actually Homer in disguise (above).

They point to tell-tale clues like the nose, mouth and more. You can compare characteristics side by side from another episode Homie the Clown….(below)

According to former  executive producer Bill Oakley it may have been a fix by overseas animators, but it wasn’t anything intentional on their part.

“Let me clarify and say that if that *is* the “Homer dressed as Krusty” model (and the hair would seem to indicate it is not), we had no idea until today that it was,” he tweeted.

“I can certainly imagine a scenario where Homer was mistakenly drawn in the background by one of the overseas studios and we called a re-take to have it fixed and they just kind of re-jiggered the existing art to make Homer into Krusty.”

Source: Digital Spy


  1. This rumor is as old as the show itself. I think I read somewhere that originally, Krusty the Klown was to be Homer’s alter ego (as Bart idolise Krusty, but doesn’t respect Homer) but decided to abandon it.

  2. Dang, never realised how huge Ned’s mo is until now! Like it was always obviously bristle brushy, but boy oh boy wow wee (anyone see what I did there 😉

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