Hughesy We Have a Problem: Apr 20

Monday’s Hughesy We Have a Problem serves as the series finale, but given it includes Kate Langbroek -currently in lockdown in Italy- this may be have been recorded some time ago.

That said, it shouldn’t impact on things too much.

On Monday’s season finale of Hughesy, We Have A Problem, Nath Valvo, Kate Langbroek, Dave O’Neil and Jan Fran discuss able-bodied drivers who steal disabled parking spots.

Dave is worried his night-time oxygen mask is a turn-off for his wife, Nath tells the couch what steps he’s taking to stop the balding process before it begins, and Hughesy comes face-to-face with his biggest hater.

8:45pm Monday on 10


  1. carolemorrissey

    He was on a show the other day & said they were filmed back in December. He said people were abusing him on social media for not social distancing. I thought it was obvious they were filmed some time ago.

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