Industry call for $1b screen fund

Producers highlight the value of screen industry exports, at risk of collapsing during the pandemic.

Producers are calling on the government to establish a $1 billion screen content fund to assist the production sector in a time of crisis.

Screen Producers Australia CEO Matthew Deaner said the shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on the screen economy.

“Our industry is ‘shovel ready’ but it is only direct and timely action along these lines which will ensure that we are able to get back on our feet and restart the production of quality Australian content for our nation’s entertainment and education and to capitalise on export opportunities,” he said.

The Australian production industry delivers a $3 billion economic contribution, exported to over 200 international markets with exports worth $163 million.

SPA is calling for an immediate extension of content obligations onto SVOD services and quota relief for commercial and subscription broadcasters, with temporary flexibility.

“This package is critical not only for our economy and cultural recovery but also to protect our national sovereignty,” he continued.

“To this end, SPA today also launched its partnership with the Australian Made Campaign, connecting Australia’s most vibrant sector of makers with the Australian Made logo, Australia’s most trusted and widely recognised country of origin symbol.”

“The Australian Made logo is the stamp of Aussie authenticity and we are delighted to partner with Australia’s screen producers,” said Ben Lazzaro, CEO of the Australian Made Campaign. “Now when Australians see this symbol in connection with movies, TV shows and other screen content, they can be sure they’re seeing authentic, homemade products underpinned by Aussie ingenuity.”

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  1. The Government already provides about $1.5b in direct money, plus hundreds of millions in tax exemptions for that “$3b” and $163m of exports.

    Now they want to regulate their competition out of business at the same time as production is shut down and local broadcasters have been exempted from making local content ,and pocket $1b in taxpayer money. Not going to happen. As the Government has said there will be new system for a digtal age put in place once this is all over.

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