iview: High Fidelity, Les Miserables.

ABC is adding two international dramas to iview tomorrow: High Fidelity and Les Miserables.

High Fidelity, based on the novel by Nick Hornby, stars Zoë Kravitz, daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet (X-Men: First Class, Divergent, Mad Max: Fury Road). It was also adapted into a feature film in 2000 and a Broadway musical in 2006. This premiered in the US in February.

The non-musical Les Miserables, previously screened on Pay TV in March 2019 with a top flight cast including Dominic West, David Oyelowo, Olivia Colman and Josh O’Connor –review is here.

High Fidelity
10 episodes

Sometimes you gotta face the music. After 5 heartbreaks…it’s finally time to face the music. A departure from Nick Hornby’s 1995 novel and beloved 2000 film, the High Fidelity TV series centres on Rob (Zoë Kravitz, who also serves as an executive producer), a record store owner in the rapidly gentrified neighbourhood of Crown Heights, Brooklyn who revisits past relationships through music and pop culture, while trying to get over her one true love.

High Fidelity also stars: Da’Vine Joy Randolph, David H. Holmes, Jake Lacy, and Kingsley Ben-Adir.

Les Miserables
This six-part series is written by Andrew Davies.

An epic adaptation of Victor Hugo’s classic novel in which an extraordinary cast of characters struggle to survive in war-torn France. A story of love, injustice, redemption and hope.

Against the monumental backdrop of France at a time of civil unrest, Les Misérables is the story of Jean Valjean, a former convict unable to escape the shadow of his past life. Meanwhile Fantine, a working class woman abandoned by her rich lover, is driven to increasingly desperate measures to provide for her young daughter. Their stories collide as revolutionary violence ignites on the streets of Paris.

Dominic West as Jean Valjean
David Oyelowo as Javert
Lily Collins as Fantine
Adeel Akhtar as Thenardier
Olivia Colman as Madame Thenardier
Ellie Bamber as Cosette
Josh O’Connor as Marius

Friday May 1 on iview.


  1. Les miserables is one of the best dramas of 2019. I’d never fancied the musical and not seen it but this drama version is really well done.

  2. Correction : Lisa Bonet was in the 2000 movie and (I don’t believe) is connected to the new incarnation.
    That said, I’m definitely keen to see this new take on one of my top 5 movies and books ever. Rob Gordon is a bit of an anti-hero of mine. Thanks for the tip!

    • Ok so one episode in and Rob’s on-again off-again partner is called Mac. My partner is called Rob.
      (Oh and the show isn’t bad. It’s like a decent cover version where they’ve kept the soul but added some fresh beats which, whilst it’ll never be as good as the original, it’s decent enough to be played just to remind yourself of some of the forgotten details).

  3. So many English speaking adaptations for ‘Les Miserables’, more than any other French source except the Musketeers! And Lisa Bonet was also in the 1990 film adaptation of ‘High Fidelity’ as one of Cusack’s love interests.

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