Law & Order: SVU spin-off coming

Christopher Meloni is set to revive his Law & Order: SVU character Elliot Stabler, in a new spin-off under producer Dick Wolf.

The series has received a 13-episode order from NBC.

It will reportedly follow Stabler as he heads up the organised crime division of the NYPD, with Matt Olmstead (Chicago P.D., Prison Break, NYPD Blue) as showrunner.

Meloni (Oz, Happy!, Underground, Pose, The Handmaid’s Tale) departed SVU at the end of Season 12 in 2011.

NBC and Universal Television declined to comment.

Source: Variety


  1. Interesting. I wondered why Stabler never made a return appearance when almost all former SVUers have at some point. In my opinion the show has ached for his return. Is there an issue between Meloni and Hagarty, is this why he left in the first place? Hopefully not, as that would make a crossover difficult, but I’m sure there are more SVU fans that would prefer Stabler to return to SVU over another Spin off show.

  2. I remember ADA Alex Cabot got her own show, and it only lasted one season. I think the problem is, SVU fans want to see their favourite characters on SVU. Fans have been desperate for a better resolution to Stabler’s abrupt departure, and it doesn’t sound like this will provide it. Of course, nonetheless I’ll definitely be watching if it gets screened here!

  3. The cynic in me can’t help but suspect that one of the reasons for the spin-off is to avoid walking on eggshells by reinstating Meloni as the top-billed star of SVU, especially as Hargitay has held the lead role for about a decade now (and a bruised ego or two could cost them both stars in the long run).

    And a crossover/reunion with SVU is almost a given the frequency of the practice between Dick Wolf shows.

  4. I’d reckon if Happy! had been able to last longer than two seasons, this may not have happened. Now there’s a show crying out for a cult audience on SBS Viceland….

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