Logie Awards to return in 2021

"The TV Week Logies is loved because it is a live event" say organisers, as 2020 plans are fully shelved.

TV Week has now cancelled plans for substitute broadcast for its 2020 Logie Awards and will return in 2021.

It had previously called off its Gold Coast event but was preparing a replacement broadcast. Details had not been announced.

Fiona Connolly, Publisher, Bauer Media’s weekly titles said in a statement, “We have spent the last few weeks discussing with our event partners what the TV Week Logie Awards could look like in 2020, whilst adhering to Government restrictions and working around the challenges of COVID-19. All parties agree the most positive outcome is to not hold the TV Week Logies, including public voting, in 2020, but to stage an even bigger event on the Gold Coast in 2021. The TV Week Logies is loved because it is a live event, with viewers at home enjoying seeing the red-carpet glamour and the entertainment community coming together to celebrate the television industry.

“In addition to the world-class awards telecast, we want to continue to build on the success of our public event, Stars in the Park – which gives fans a chance to meet their favourite television stars in person.

“We would like to thank Queensland for being a wonderful Logies host and partner in delivering this event over the past two years and we cannot wait to return to The Star Gold Coast next year.

“While we are postponing the TV Week Logie Awards for 2020 and returning in 2021, the 2021 Logies will be an epic event that will take into consideration the 12 months of television just past, as well as all programs that will air for the remainder of this year.”

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  1. Is there anything much to celebrate about Australian television in 2020? The quality of what is being churned out by the commercial stations has been woeful for years and the industry continues to cannibalise itself with dodgy programming practices that result in viewers fleeing in droves to streaming services for everything except sport and news. I place more stock in the TV Tonight annual awards than I do the running gag that has become the Logies.

    1. The 1963 Logies presentation was cancelled when its star guest Tony Hancock fell ill at the last moment but with the winners names already going to print, the awards themselves were still handed in smaller presentations later on in each city.

      Would have been nice for TV Week to do similar this year just to publish the winners but then hold a smaller presentation later in the year when all this fuss is behind us. But, oh well, bring on 2021!

      1. With so much being cancelled so far, we are going to bombarded with a heck of a lot on tv 2021 and sports and movies at the cinema, I wonder if they are keeping them as a backlog. Am getting lots more done at night with not much to watch on tv, so that’s a plus.

        1. On the contrary i think there will be a lot of gaps on TV in 2021 as so many programs now in production that could be airing in 2021 are currently uncertain. Plus with such an economic downturn this might also halt or impact longer term prospects.

        1. Yep agree, the message that they are sending us that the logies is in fact about the glitzy show and not awarding the winners at all. The show should be second to the achievements of the award winners.

  2. So shows that aired in May 2019, will be going against shows that will air in December 2020 (or even later), if the awards will be in June 2021?

    I understand that they couldn’t have an actual ceremony as planned this June, but there were ways around giving out the awards. Bad enough with the voting changes……

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