MAFS wraps with season high

Ratings: 1.48m was MAFS best figure all year -even though it trailed 2019's finale. Nine wins Sunday.

Married at First Sight wrapped its season out of ratings last night, when Nine tried to counteract the launch of House Rules.

It finished on a cool 1.48m -its biggest figure all year- and naturally topped the demos.

But despite the home lockdown audience that was down on 2019’s finale of 1.97m.

Nine was still well in front of ABC News (916,000), 7 News Investigates (834,000), Grand Designs NZ (544,000) Border Security (470,000) and Jamie Oliver: Keep Cooking and Carry On (316,000).

Nine network 38.5% then Seven 26.5%, ABC 16.7%, 10 11.7% and SBS 6.6%.

Nine News also won its slot at 1.32m narrowly defeating Seven News 1.31m.

9RUSH also launched which OzTAM advises had a 1% share from 7-12pm.

Full ratings wraps resume on April 20.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 5 April 2020.

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  1. They seemed to be waaaay off with their “pairing” this year . Apart from Josh and Cathy at the very start i really didn’t see any of them lasting. If they thought that this season would top last season, they failed miserably.
    I really hope Lizzie and Seb last, but apart from the others none of them seemed compatible.
    Lets hope a bit more effort goes into next season.

  2. I was praying something exciting would happen in the last episodes to make things worthwhile. But nope, just more of the same. Last year was a trainwreck, but it was sooooo addictive because of the insanity. This year was bad. Boringly bad. The worst kind.

  3. I honestly loved MAFS last year. I quit this season about a month ago. A horrific cast, i didnt even enjoy not liking them lol. Next year they need some normal people, pull it back abit the drama seem extremely forced as well this year. Combined with a totally unlikable cast. I couldnt care less if any of them lasted, which seems only 1 did anyway, and was all revealed in the press anyway.

    1. You make a good point, I couldn’t care a less if any of them managed to last as couples either, very unlikable people for the most part. I agree about the contestants, I also think they need to tone down the ‘instagram’ contestants and have some ‘normal’ people on there, people you can grow to like and care about their outcome.

      Besides one or two, I didn’t feel that for any of the others and lost interest in the show fairly early, but based on the ratings numbers perhaps many still stuck around, so we might be outvoted so to speak.

      1. I feel the same. I know the shock is completely fake and staged, but last yeah so jaw dropping fun, this year was so boring in comparison. I’d love to see an all star cast for next year personally

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