NCIS #400th episode delayed

Big plans for series milestone were delayed by shutdown.

NCIS screens its final new episode in the US tomorrow and next week on 10.

Episode #398 was the last completed before production was shutdown in the US last month. It will now serve as the series finale.

“Episode No. 399 was just two days away from the start of production,” co-showrunner Frank Cardea has told TVLine. “All of the prep work was completed, sets were built, the guest cast was set, as were locations.”

Episode #400, which was set to shoot next was about to mark a milestone for the series.

“We had special things planned for it, CBS was throwing a big party for us…,” Cardea notes. “But it will happen.”

In next week’s Clayton’s ‘finale’ Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future) delivers a powerhouse performance as a 95-year-old man who claims to have served on the USS Arizona when it was attacked at Pearl Harbour in 1941, and as such is determined to have his ashes laid to rest with his fellow sailors when he dies. But can Gibbs trust his gut when evaluating the old man’s story?

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  1. Its a shame they couldn’t make the 400th for it to be the finale as it was basically ready to go, but we have it to look forward to when it does air, likely next year as i think it will be episode 1 of season 18.

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