Netflix removes Line of Duty after distributor collapse

Netflix has removed acclaimed UK drama Line of Duty following the collapse of Kew Media Distribution.

Deadline reports Netflix is terminating all licensing arrangements with Kew Media Distribution, after talks with the company’s administrator broke down.

Netflix insisted that the majority of its payment to administrators FTI be passed on to the producers – in the case of Line Of Duty it would have been ITV Studios-owned World Productions.

FTI is understood to have rejected these terms, leading to a break down in talks. FTI believes the distribution contracts are still valid.

Kew Media Group, which owned Essential Media Australia, went bust in February after months of financial mismanagement.


  1. Quite a few other shows were abruptly removed too including The Bletchley Circle; Irish shows Clean Break, Dominion Creek, Jack Taylor, and Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope; and Canadian shows jPod, Republic of Doyle, and even the Netflix ‘Original’ Slasher.

  2. Even the mighty Netflix wont get special treatment from a appointed administrator, I would imagine it will be a complex process that also involves ITV’s World Productions.
    Kew Media,a Canadian company, made one acquisition too many, according to Deadline.
    KMG defaulted on a $100 million credit facility, after administrating their business and finances poorly.
    Anyone interested should track down the story as it does involve the acquisition of Essentials Media Group, an Australian production company with a foothold in Los Angeles.
    Season 6 of Line of Duty is unlikely to be released until 2021 due to COVID-19, the list of delayed shows is getting longer, which is not good news for future content.

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