Nine pauses Ellen from schedule

Ellen from home may have been just a little too dull?

If you’re wondering where The Ellen DeGeneres Show has disappeared to, Nine is no longer screening her self-isolation edition.

But the show is still on air in the US, with DeGeneres sans make-up, and “Twitch” on video.

DeGeneres copped a fair bit of criticism for remarks that she felt like she was in prison, while there have also been recent clickbait articles about her off-camera personality. Ouch.

Nine is instead screening Kevin Can Wait.

Based on this video, Nine may have made the right call.

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  1. That’s not the first time I’ve heard that Ellen isn’t a nice person. Richard Reid made mention of it when he was in the jungle last year. And I have read it elsewhere too.

  2. I wonder if Nine has to pay the same rate to screen Ellen at Home than her standard version, which in this case would justify the choice. That being said reruns would surely draw the same viewing figures? I’m fairly certain that most other talk shows/late night shows in the US are either mixing new content with old on tv and/or putting programming for free online. I know that I listen to a lot of them as podcasts

    1. I don’t agree Colbert, Corden and even Fallon and Kimmel – which can only be seen online now anyway unfortunate- are smashing it. I actually love them better at home they are so much more natural with none of the ego bravado of their audiences. That said I can’t stand Ellen’s show never watch it. However I even think what she said was not bad at all and I’m surprised by the reaction. So I won’t miss her show though naturally and she might really be a horrible person but funnily enough I love her when she is being interviewed by someone or hosting award shows and doing comedy.

  3. Very good move by Nine. I find her shows in her house not matching the mood we need. I don’t really want to see rich celebrities tell us how difficult it is right now, and see how unfunny and uncomfortable it is. That said, Kevin Can Wait? It must be free to screen the D-grade bottom of the barrel, mind numbing crud…

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