Play School: Kiya’s Excellent e-Birthday

Play School team up with the eSafety Commissioner to find out how to stay safe online.

Play School today features a special episode, “Kiya’s Excellent e-Birthday” with a special message about online safety.

It’s the countdown to Kiya’s big birthday party and there is so much to do! Kiya and her Play School family go online to make all the arrangements. With 81% of parents with preschoolers admitting their children were using the internet, it is important to build understandings of online safety right from the start.

Join Teo, Leah and the Play School crew as they team up with the eSafety Commissioner in this special episode exloring our national early childhood online safety messages: be safe, be kind, ask for help and make good choices.

Let’s celebrate with Kiya and find out how to stay safe online along the way!

Monday April 27 at 9am on ABC Kids.

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