Returning: Ready Set Dance

Nick Jr. dance show is back when parents are looking for physical activity ideas for kids.

Nick Jr. series Ready Set Dance is back for a second season at a time when parents are looking for educational content and physical activity for kids.

The participatory dance program premiered in January 2019 becoming the no. 1 Subscription TV program (excluding live sports/movies) amongst children 0-12.

Popular preschool dance series, Ready Set Dance, returns this May with a second season packed full of new songs, signature dance moves and fresh new faces, bringing with them a whole lot of fun and excitement.

Bursting with energy the locally produced series features fun and energetic episodes designed specifically for preschoolers aged two – five years old. Differing from other dance shows on the market, the show is underpinned by a core educational curriculum designed to teach kids fundamental movement skills while building confidence, coordination and creativity.

Season Two sees animated characters Twirl and Freeze reprise their hosting roles, and a new group of talented young Australians take over the dancefloor as part of the newly formed Kid Crew.

Each of the season’s 15 new episodes will run for 7 minutes in duration, featuring a signature dance move, as instructed by Twirl and Freeze, followed by a performance from the Kid Crew as part of a story-driven, mini-musical set to an originally composed soundtrack. Kids are encouraged to jump and jive along throughout the show before performing their new dance move with fellow preschoolers onscreen during the preschool dance party.

In a new and innovative approach, Ready Set Dance was developed in collaboration with expert preschool dance educators and dance studio owners Jade Barnes, Belinda Agostino, Natalie Ettingshausen, Glenda Yee and Priscilla Severino. The five successful entrepreneurs launched their innovative class-based dance program for preschoolers, also titled Ready Set Dance, after identifying a gap in the market. This program is currently licensed to over 230 dance schools around Australia and New Zealand.

Source: OzTAM NatSTV Panel, Live and Overnight Data, 06:00-19:59

8.30am from Monday 11th of May on Nick Jr.

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