Returning: The Weekly with Charlie Pickering

Charlie Pickering & co. return to Wednesday nights with The Weekly in two week’s time.

It’s going to be a very different show, presumably with not much of a studio audience….

These are unprecedented times. As the world faces a challenge like it has never seen before, and a nation grits its teeth, there is one source of news and information that you can trust. That….is the ABC.

In unprecedented times the ABC’s Weekly with Charlie Pickering will keep you smiling against all odds. A show that takes the time to watch everything, everywhere, all the time, then picks the bits to deliver to you without human contact!

So wash your hands, sit back, relax, wash your hands again, and let the least serious team in news keep an eye on everything for you. Giving you more time to wash your hands.

The Weekly with Charlie Pickering: We watch the news so you don’t have to.

8:30pm Wednesday April 29 on ABC.

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