Seven amends Sunday schedule

House Rules is bumped to a Monday start. New info on The Good Doctor.

Ch-ch-changes keep on comin’…..

As predicted Seven has now moved House Rules to a 7pm Monday start, after Nine shifted its MAFS finale to Sunday night.

This now leaves Sunday night on Seven as follows:

7pm The Latest
8pm Border Security
8:30pm Movie: The Greatest Showman rpt
10:45pm The Resident
11:45pm Criminal Confessions rpt

Update: The Good Doctor is 9:30 Tuesdays for two weeks.

Home and Away is also confirmed for 7pm Monday April 13.


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  1. I suppose with the 7pm start, Seven want to capitilise on that extra 300k viewers to the news flowing into the next show (it didnt work for The Latest), but with no other realities next week, you’d assume if House Rules is going to be a hit it would be safe to run at 7:30. With Home and Away at 7 again, it would give them a chance to win the demos again.
    But if House Rules can only maintain the 600k figure next week it would be dissapointing for them.

    1. While that makes sense I would argue they would lose more viewers long term due to them messing around with the timeslot. I don’t watch House Rules however I don’t think it will rate any higher then The Latest and they should have kept that at 7pm but reduced it to 30 minutes and put House Rules at 7:30. I don’t think especially now that HR will rate, people don’t want to watch potentious selfish idiots getting free house renovations given many people now are jobless due to Covid-19.

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