Thank God for nostalgia

We need entertainment more than ever, and here are a few titles that could be worth revisiting.

Thank God You’re Here 10 / Seven

Nostalgia is big right now, as we look to happier times and a distraction from grim news.

When this is all over we will really be wanting shows to make us smile.

Tom Gleisner tells TV Tonight, “I think it would be a great show to return to. We never end a series by declaring ‘This is our last, thank you, good night.’ We don’t just stop making something because we’ve moved on to something else.

“Probably the reason we stopped making Thank God You’re Here was we just felt the talent pool was exhausted. We’d used everyone who was really good. It wasn’t for lack of ideas. It was more (having) people who were good enough to stick through that door.”

But Gleisner agrees that in the last decade the comedy ranks have boomed with fresh talent.

“But there’s no doubt there’s been so much talent to emerge, so I’d love to see a series like Thank God take advantage of those sorts of people.”

Here are a few other favourites and obscure shows worth another look…

RocKwiz SBS

Let the Blood Run Free 10

The Big Night In, 10

Love My Way, Foxtel

Agony Aunts ABC

Going Home, SBS

Grass Roots ABC

Pictures of You, Seven

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  1. An updated version ‘Thank God You’re Here’ would be fun with a new generation of comedians mixed in with previous that had been on the show.

    A modern version of ‘Let the Blood Run Free’ could work with people voting via an app each week to change the storyline. Julia Morris would make an amazing Matron Dorothy Conniving Bitch. A good tribute to the late Linda Gibson.

  2. Definitely Thank God You’re Here & Hey Hey It’s Saturday. These are the the kind of shows Australia need at the moment!

    Get the re-runs happening now then reboot them when restrictions are lifted.

  3. I would think a big reason why we don’t see much old Aussie tv series repeated on digital channels is rights any royalty payments. Actors would want payments. And digital secondary or pay tv channels did not exist when these shows were created. So it would be too expensive for the Aussie market to afford considering the low ratings they would achieve. Probably simpler to just play foreign content. Which is a shame. Would be great to see some old Aussie series.

  4. I think there is a huge market for nostalgia. All the networks would have thousands of hours of old shows in their vaults. Maybe they could devise a show where a few episodes are replayed each week with a host introducing it and giving some interesting info about the show, who was in it, how it was made, where are they now type thing. Even things like Shirl’s Neighbourhood would be interesting to see again. Really well made, fun, imaginative and jokes sometimes aimed way above the kids heads haha

        1. Personally I greatly enjoyed GYOT but with so many channels running 24/7 and showing old stuff to fill the time, it’s not needed as much now-SBS again repeating ‘The Movie Show’ from 20 years ago on Sat afternoons!

  5. I think a multichannel that is dedicated to showing classic Australian shows would be a good idea, with programs sourced from all Australian TV channels.

    Thanks for reminding me of Going Home, a great classic SBS drama. I still remember a significant storyline from the show about a man who pretended to go to work because of his unemployment shame and how the regular acquaintance commuters on the train where the show was set dealt with the situation after finding out. A good example of exploring real life issues in drama.

    I also thought TGYH was a great and sometimes hilariously hectic interpretation of the improvisation comedy style and format. It could still work if revived.

  6. Outside of Australian content it would be good to get a few 10 old favourites back even if just on BOLD, could do from 7:30pm to 10:30pm: Monk, Psych and White Collar. All 3 were lighter entertainment shows and once on 10, I know 2 are on Amazon Prime however for the general populace who maybe can’t stream tight now it’s be good.

  7. We would love to see RockWiz return with new episodes to it’s old Saturday timeslot along with a repeat on VICE during the week. It was great to turn up the volume for the music and always enjoyed the Q&A with the very bright Julia Z. Bring it back SBS!

  8. You’ll never get any opposition to suggesting TGYH be revived! But, high expectations so would need to be done right…

    Others for consideration:
    – Bogan Pride
    – Bootleg (limited run miniseries, could sequel or reboot)
    – Round the Twist
    – Farscape (or even do an Australian Stargate)
    – It’s a Knockout!

  9. I reckon Grass Roots could definitely do a sequel.

    TGYH would be great fun to have back, as would Let The Blood Run Free. We need more laughter and definitely more Aussie laughter at this time.

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