TV chef Ben Milbourne out of MasterChef

One of three TV cooks competing in MasterChef has a bad day in the kitchen.

TV chef Ben Milbourne has become the third contestant eliminated from MasterChef Australia this season.

He lucked out after overcooking a glazed salmon fillet and serving a walnut cream that the judges described as too sour.

Milbourne, who has presented SBS shows Food Lab and Andy + Ben Eat Australia alongside judge Andy Allen, was battling for survival alongside Rose Adam.

It was left to judge Andy to tell him today was not his day….

There are two other TV chefs still in the race including Family Food Fight judge Hayden Quinn and Poh’s Kitchen host Poh Ling Yeow.

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  1. Majority of pro cooks and chefs always will struggle when.they have a limited time and unlike in their real lives have plenty of time to perfect a dish before they put it on a menu and perfect it when on their TV shops by cutting the taping of it until they get it right for the show..simples

  2. I am really enjoying MC and the new judges but I can’t help feeling Andy is a bit out of his depth as a judge. Not having a go at him because it wouldn’t be easy coming into something like this and it takes time to find your feet. I do like him but it just irks me a bit.

    1. Andy knows these people so can understand his difficulty in adjusting to the judge role, I’m still finding Melissa Leong has not had great imput has yet. Enjoying it though and they are all getting great promotion for all they are doing from tv series to their own restaurants/cafes. Free advertising $$$

  3. I was initially unhappy about an ‘all stars’ season but it’s really working and the new judges are finding their groove quickly. The decision to start the week with an elimination is taking a bit of getting used to but otherwise, we’re loving it.

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