TVT: weekend update

Just a brief note from me in regards to weekend posts on the blog.

There’s been so much news lately, nearly all of it glum, that I’ve decided to offer less posts over the weekends and take extra time out.

So I will adopt the usual Hiatus approach of limited posts on weekends (I never really set a number on this) and appreciate your patience.

I just reckon it would be good during this home lockdown to devote a bit of time to other distractions ….playing a game, watching a trashy film, making FaceTime calls with friends and the endless joys of strolling to the supermarket and back. I haven’t even had time to check out the Tiger King series.

Breaking news should still be covered and there is no change to weekday output. I recognise that the site has been an important source of information during this crazy time, whether for industry personnel or viewing amendments for public.

I would again remind readers to show extra consideration in comments at this time.

Lastly a reminder that Daylight Saving ends this weekend in several states.

Stay safe!



  1. Enjoy your weekend, David. I’ll be catching up on Kim’s Convenience on Netflix and The Heights and I’ve got S7 of Wentworth on DVD which I’m very late to watching!

  2. The Inspector

    Enjoy your break – you deserve it. All the negative news is very depressing for all of us, but I find myself reading TVT more often, just to have a break.
    Thank you for providing that.

  3. All good David..
    Enjoy your time off, you definetely deserve it. This is by far always the best website/blog because of you, your hard work and dedication.

    Have a great time on the weekends. Wishing you all the best and stay safe.
    Keep in touch..

  4. Maev....Sydney

    With us all being locked in…sounds like a sensible choice ..for your mental well being…to be off doing others things…Take care of you…

  5. We love your site David, and for many of us, it has been so great to escape the reality – especially last week which seemed so strange and at times overwhelming. Enjoy your weekend, and enjoy Tiger King…

  6. Good move David. You’ve done a really great job at keeping us all updated! We all appreciate your work! Have a rest mate, you deserve it!

  7. Wise words David.
    Thanks for your excellent work and enjoy a spot of downtime… and certainly do watch Tiger King! It’s amazing… like nothing else you’ve seen! Take care.

  8. I concur with all sentiments, enjoy your weekends to recharge and refresh! You deserve to take time out as all your loyal followers appreciate your efforts!

  9. Good for you, David.

    I’ve really appreciated your site as [almost] a Covid-19 Free Zone [at least compared to general news sites] over the past couple of weeks.

    Stay home. Stay well.

  10. Elizabeth H

    Enjoy your weekends David. Such a pity you cannot head out for a nice Sunday brunch in your favourite cafe…maybe you can enjoy it from home instead ?

  11. carolemorrissey

    Thanks David & take care. Yay finally daylight savings ends & we are on the same time zone as everyone else. If only it ended a week ago for all the finales.

  12. david take as much time out as you want you do a fantastic job I have been coming to this site for years and say thank you and tiger king is the most out there doco I have ever seen it just keeps on giving

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