60 Minutes: May 31

Just one story is featured this Sunday on 60 Minutes, from Ton Steinfort.

Let’s hope it delivers on the promo….

Love and Other Catastrophes
There’s no better feeling than being in love. And there are few worse feelings than love gone wrong. When it happens it can be bizarre, and at times incredibly cruel. Former couple, rugby league star Josh Reynolds and Instagram lingerie model Arabella Del Busso, can certainly attest to that. As is often the way with modern romances, their attraction to each other was as instant as it was passionate. But their relationship ended as a very public police matter. Then the story got even stranger. Claims of fake pregnancies, fake cancers, fake funerals and domestic violence caused more scandalous headlines. Many people assumed Josh was just another footballer behaving badly until it emerged that Arabella was not necessarily the victim she said she was. In a special edition of 60 Minutes, Tom Steinfort speaks to the warring parties as he explains this twisted tale of doomed romance.
Reporter: Tom Steinfort
Producers: Laura Sparkes, Alex Bernhardt, Darren Ally

8:30pm Sunday on Nine.


  1. Looks like the Covid lock down is having an impact on their international stories and they are now scrapping the bottom of the barrel.

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