60 Minutes promo a shock jock prank

60 Minutes has come under fire for a misleading promo which suggested radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands was facing a major illness.

The way it was teased in the promo even fuelled speculation it could be terminal.

“There’s a condition I’ve been diagnosed with that I haven’t spoken to anybody about….” he tearfully told co-host Jackie ‘O’ Henderson.

Last night Henderson also became tearful at the confession, only to discover it was the latest prank from Sandilands.



But on social media, some were decidedly unimpressed with the interview by Karl Stefanovic, and Nine promo:

The interview is understood to have been filmed some months ago.

Last year 60 Minutes ran a promo saying a story was so big it would “rock the foundations of Australia.” It turned out to be alleged Crown links to Asian crime syndicates. Crown later denied the claims.


  1. I Don’t Think Nine is the only network that con us with their ads.
    I watched last night trying to work out why Sydney People rank these two as the best in radio.I think his Blood Pressure will be the issue with his health.

    • But “Sydney people” don’t “rank these two as the best in radio”. Alan Jones, Wendy & Robbie, Kyle & Jackie most popular breakfast (in that order). (MediaWeek). Hence the desperate promotion.

  2. Expected of Kyle but considering Karl is trying to resuscitate his career very disappointing. 60 minutes very poor form. Why would i believe 60 minutes next promo?

  3. I knew it was a joke from the start, but thought it was in poor taste. However, the vitriol towards Kyle is in even poorer taste. People seem to hate him for the sake of hating. In my opinion, he hasn’t caused harm to anyone with all his so called controversies

  4. The Nine 60 Mins promo team have for a very long time been the ‘boys who cry wolf’ in the TV promo game. Often it’s just out and out lies. It’s a shame, because it’s the show and it’s journalists that suffer.
    Oh well, a few less viewers from here on.

  5. What’s with Nine giving so much free publicity to ARN stations ‘talent’, in competition with Nine Radio stations 2GB, 3AW, 4BC and 6PR ?

  6. I’ve gotta say, anyone who genuinely had interest in watching an appearance on TV from that waste of space deserved everything they got. How is he even a thing?

  7. Seriously, just re-brand this show ”A Current Affair: Sunday” and be done with it. It’s been a shadow of its great former self for a number of years now.

  8. The promo was wrong to use, it was cheap. I heard them this morning on their show and have to say, what a really sad reality. There was a very honest discussion around mental health, and the toll it clearly has on them, one feeling down and the other always checking in and not knowing the full picture.

  9. Not a fan of Kyle, but in his defence; he couldn’t have predicted Nine would use it like that.
    Jackie & Karl would be familiar with his humour. They’ll be okay.

  10. The only terminal death I see is the credibility of 60 Minutes. The show is the now the equivalent of the unwatchable Today Tonight. May it go the same way.

    • The anger is actually aimed at Channel 9. Of course any fan of Kyle’s would know he is capable of this gutter humour. But the fact that Nine were advertising it as a legitimate revelation is what has people angry.

    • Calling BS on your BS. Sorry but plenty of people watching 60 minutes are not 100% familiar with Kyle Sandilands’ style or that he would “no doubt be joking” about something so serious. Especially after actually showing the whole blood pressure thing with from all accounts a genuine and likeable Jackie by his side. Not faux outrage at all. 9 deserve this backlash.

  11. I picked this straight away. There’s no way Kyle would break major news anywhere but his own show…and tease it out across a weekend before announcing on a Monday morning at 7:40am…when most people are in their cars.

  12. How can they call themselves a credible news program when they run an ad campaign for a week based on a misleading joke? It’s the equivalent of click baiting. I’d expect it from Vile and Tacky, and to a lesser extent Karl, but why did Channel 9 feel the need to have such a misleading quote as the basis for the advertising?

  13. We watched the interview with Kyle and Jackie only. First sixty minutes segment we have watched in a few years. Peter Ford would have been correct about 10 years ago but sixty minutes but their brand has been in the gutter for years now.

  14. What? I caught that part of it while channel flicking and thought it was a strange “prank” to pull. But I didn’t know 9 were spruiking it on ads as some tragic revealing moment. Disgusting.

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