A Bold & Beautiful fan’s ultimate episode list

One die-hard fan has come up with a list of his own 50 classic episodes.

While 10 is screening 50 classic episodes of The Bold & the Beautiful, one die-hard fan has come up with a list of his own.

TVT reader Cahal says, “B&B fans are a passionate tribe. They care about the show and want re-runs to highlight the absolute best. Soap fans know their shows inside out, and with that, I produced a list of what I feel are thee greatest moments fans will love. It’s an opportunity for newer viewers to see the shows past.

“Weddings, Births, and the feel-good episodes are a nice-to-do, but they don’t showcase the heart and soul of any soap opera.

“Citing commentary on the B&B Australia Facebook page that I manage, viewers have been very clear about 10’s offering: more classic drama, less episodes from the last 15-20 years. Engagement on socials is higher when an older episode airs and 10 is praised.

Cahal says he has looked for d-r-a-m-a, impact and action to collate his Top 50.

“The real definition of ’soap opera’: high stakes, shock moments, outrageousness, thrill, LOL moments, catfights, brawls, fiery anger from Stephanie Forrester. And of course that jaw-dropping moment Stephanie’s secret child Angela Forrester is exposed way back in Season 2.

“Drop a sentence how fans would love a re-run from the beginning, maybe on the new multi-channel coming soon, or even exclusive to 10play. The Netherlands began a very successful re-run 18 months ago and have screened almost 800 episodes to date.”

Episode Description Year
60 Brooke & Ridge first meet 1987
283 Stephanie first slaps Brooke 1988
333 & 334 Stephanie’s secret child (Angela) exposed (must-see) 1988
374-376 Thorne shoots Ridge 1988
483 Sally & Stephanie first meet 1989
508-511 Angela Forrester exposed as imposter 1989
833 & 834 Caroline dies (must-see) 1990
1279 Taylor & Ridge’s engagement/treasure hunt in St. Thomas 1992
1532 Sheila/Lauren wedding dress brawl 1993
1539 & 1540 Eric & Sheila’s wedding 1993
1573 Brooke tears up the BeLief contract, rips into the Forrester’s 1993
1602 Brooke gets 51% control of Forrester Creations 1993
1997 Sheila & Lauren’s infamous Jacuzzi episode 1995
2308 Hunter Tylo (Taylor) exits B&B (leaving fans stunned) 1996
2393 Ridge proposes to Taylor 1997
2828 Sheila throws Stephanie into a pool 1998
2892 & 2893 Sheila/Stephanie/Amber catfight 1998
3103 & 3104 Stephanie’s epic meltdown at Big Bear 1999
3339 Macy & Brooke’s car explodes 2000
3454 Morgan falls over Taylor’s balcony 2000
3497 Morgan kidnaps Taylor 2001
3546 Morgan & Stephanie’s showdown 2001
3804 & 3805 Sheila returns with a dramatic entrance 2002
3904 & 3905 Sheila’s showdown with Taylor, Brooke & Eric 2002
3911 Taylor dies in Ridge’s arms (must-see) 2002
3945 Sally finds her daughter alive in Portofino 2002
3948 Thorne finds Macy alive in Portofino 2002
4131 Sally gives Stephanie a drunken haircut 2003
4042 Eric discovers Ridge isn’t his son 2003
4543 & 4544 Taylor back from the dead 2005
4604 & 4605 Stephanie’s fake heart attack exposed (must-see) 2005
4850 Darla hit by a car, dies 2006
4923 Jacqui falls over a balcony at the Forrester mansion 2006
5127 & 5128 Brooke attacked 2007
5168 Taylor/Brooke egg donor error 2008
5270 Pam menaces Donna at the Forrester mansion 2008
5299 & 5300 Storm Logan’s death 2008
5388 Pam sets a grizzly bear on Donna 2008
5454 & 5455 Bill Spencer’s first episode 2009
5655 Stephanie has a stroke 2009
5698 Stephanie’s mother dies 2009
5762 Brooke throws Taylor into a pond 2010
5795 & 5796 Beth Logan dies 2010
5830 Brooke & Oliver mistaken identity (must-see) 2010
5921 Taylor, Brooke & Stephanie take an Angels Flight 2010
6052 & 6053 Brooke & Thomas’ plane crashes en-route to Australia 2011
6058 Thomas & Brooke eat hallucinogenic berries on the island 2011
6060 Thomas & Brooke island rescue 2011
6072 Taylor eats hallucinogenic berries, reminisces about Ridge 2011
6107 Ridge stops wedding to Taylor, reunites with Brooke 2011
6133 Steffy almost drowns 2011
6286 25th Anniversary episode 2012
Stephanie’s death episodes… 2012
6428 Stephanie’s cancer diagnosis 2012
6431 Stephanie tells Pam 2012
6432 Stephanie tells Brooke 2012
6436 Stephanie tells Taylor 2012
6449 Stephanie says goodbye to everyone 2012
6456 Stephanie’s death 2012
6603 & 6604 Taylor exposes Brooke & Bill’s affair 2013
6836 & 6837 Bill & Brooke’s Dubai failed wedding / Ridge falls from helicopter 2014
7078 Maya reveals to Rick she’s transgender 2015
7605 Sheila Carter returns 2017

6 Responses

  1. Awesome list Cahal, well researched.

    I sincerely hope when the 50 run out (of which some have been removed on tenplay and different ones instead played on TV), that Ten/CBS considers play sequences of episodes to tell a storyline eg Sheila’s Goodbye Party (involving a gun, poison and tons of drama), as I doubt 10 weeks will be enough to bridge the gap between when the new episodes ran out, and when they will return. It will make it more likely for viewers to tune in if the episodes aren’t all over the place, and in sequence.

  2. The episodes they have been playing are all over the place. Very hard to figure out what’s what and definitely who is he/she? Oh, she’s Caroline, but yesterday someone else was Caroline. Same for Ridge, Thorn, Thomas, etc. Jump ahead to current Ridge, Thomas etc. Next day back to the Ron Moss and Pierson Fodé episodes. Friday’s ep seemed to just be models parading. Any from above list would be great to see.

  3. The finest episode ever was when Prince Omar forced Taylor to watch Ridge’s and Brooke’s wedding night through a two way mirror. Ridge believed that Taylor had been killed in a plane rash but she was actually kidnapped and placed in a harem while also suffering amnesia. True B& B fans might wish to read Hunter Tylo’s autobiography. Apparently she was possessed by the devil once.
    Second best episode: 60 year old Sally wishes to conceive a baby with Taylor’s Dad. Sally rings her gynaecologist to find out if she is still fertile. The Gyno fetches Sally’s X Ray and tells her that she has one egg left – and after tonight the egg will have left her system. So it’s now or never. Sally then spends the episode trying on flimsy, seductive nighties.

  4. Great list, it’s a shame they couldn’t have shown in this order, with the ones they did show, slotted in. It would have added so much context. (Like Brooke and Ridges first wedding, whilst Taylor was held by Prince Omar). I would have added the birth of Bridget and Hope, both in the big bear cabin, one with only Ridge to assist, the other with only Stefanie. I don’t know if ten have shown them.

  5. Amazing research, but Cahal left out the episode in which Sally Spectra gives birth to CJ
    Alfred Hitchcock taught Darlene Conley how to act with “the eyes” and those eyes start spinning in her head when she goes into labor lol

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