Airdate: Big Brother

It’s official.

The all-new Big Brother will premiere at 7.30pm Monday June 8th on Seven (and not an incorrect date published by a print mag).

Hosted by Sonia Kruger, this marks the third network for the reality show in Australia.

There are 20 housemates, several of whom have been confirmed. According to a promo this week, one will be evicted every night -although the public will vote for the series winner.

The show is tipped to screen for 3 episodes in its first week, given AFL returns on June 11. More details are expected next week.


  1. I honestly will only be checking this out because it’s Big Brother. Then evaluate. I just don’t see any of the appeal of why I liked Big Brother in this version.

  2. I don’t think starting on a night of a public holiday is a good idea. All the evictions should have been live. Merlin walking out with the banner, Bree incorrectly being voted out and Trevor proposing are unforgettable moments.

  3. They started filming in February, and finished filming about 8 weeks later. So it clearly isn’t a 3 month run anymore,

    I’m more annoyed that they have slashed house rules and they aren’t doing backyard makeovers. So disappointed they’ve decided to destroy their most popular shows (MKR and now house rules) both of which won’t be back next year (unless Jo returns)

    • I believe House Rules lost the garden makeovers due to Coronavirus restrictions making travel difficult so they jumped to a grand final to conclude the series.

  4. Should be interesting. I’ll at least give it a watch as i’m intrigued but if i stay well thats another story. I think it’s pretty disappointing how quickly House Rules has wrapped though. They did all the houses and then next week is basically it? Channel 7 has really ruined that show this year. Joh is missed and the editing of an entire reno in a whole episode just about, ruins the feel of the show.

    • I haven’t watched the last couple of seasons, but they did drag it out a bit in previous years with an extra whole house renovation to reduce them to 4 teams and then gardens for 4 houses over two weeks and then there was a surprise room renovation, before the grand final. Maybe the whole house renovation was done to condense the episodes?

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