Airdate: Definitely Not News

ABC ME will screen some of the funniest ‘news’ around to help alleviate isolation anxiety with a weekly half hour comedy Definitely Not News.

The series is being produced under lockdown restrictions.

The production is split into three stages, beginning with the writing team, made up of seasoned comedy writers Adam Bigum, Bec Petraitis and Andy Matthews from productions such as Mad As Hell, The Project and The Checkout. ABC ME presenters Ava, Drew and Pip self-shoot the segments, guided by  experienced producers over video chat.

The footage is then delivered to the post-production team, via file transfer, who compile the edit and audio post off site.

Libbie Doherty, ABC’s Head of Children’s said, “Creating a new series that answers the needs of our audience and is produced in an innovative way that ensures a safe environment for our production team has been an exciting challenge. The whole team have flexed their creative problem-solving flair and proven highly adaptive and flexible under the current circumstances. They finished working in a studio one week and were creating content from their homes the next.”

Whether it’s of national importance or whether they just made it up, ABC ME presenters Ava, Drew, Pip and their eclectic band of reporters are committed to bringing viewers everything that’s definitely NOT news!

Children across Australia also have a chance to be part of the fun, with Stay At Home Reporters bringing you the news from their backyards. The presenters play multiple roles across the episodes including news anchor, weather reporter, mystic psychic and more.

Saturday mornings at 11:30 am on ABC ME.

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