Airdate: Miss Scarlet & the Duke

UK-Irish mystery drama premieres on 7TWO next week.

UK-Irish mystery drama Miss Scarlet & the Duke will premiere on 7TWO next week.

This stars Kate Phillips as Eliza Scarlet who continues running her father’s detective agency following his death.

Stuart Martin plays family friend William Wellington aka “The Duke.”

This aired in the UK in late March.

Eliza steps into her father’s shoes and takes over his detective business, following the shocking news of his death. This move goes against the wishes of everyone around her, including family friend Inspector Wellington, aka “the Duke”. In her first ever case, Eliza is hired by an unscrupulous male client trying to find his long-lost niece, but things aren’t all as they seem. Eliza’s sheer determination to uncover the truth helps her realise that she does have what it takes to be a detective.

Double episode 8:30pm Thursday June 4 on 7TWO.

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