Australian Story: May 25

On Monday’s Australian Story, how Adam Hills and mates have gone viral with a fake Russian choir.

From his carport-turned-studio in Melbourne, comedian Adam Hills introduces this story about the novel, positive and hilarious ways that performers have found to keep themselves working, and entertained, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To Russia with Love is the unlikely tale of 28 “middle-aged, very hairy men” from Mullumbimby who formed a fake Russian choir for fun … and have now gone viral in the Motherland!

Even though none of them can speak the language, the Dustyesky choir sing stirring Russian anthems and are so popular they were invited to take part in a national telecast for Russian Victory Day celebrations in May.

“Dustyesky having really good pandemic,” says Comrade Mark Swivel in a fake Russian accent. “Most infectious choir on the planet right now.”

For Love of Country features country music superstar Beccy Cole and wife Libby O’Donovan who’ve responded to the cancellation of all their gigs by looking out for others .. and, now that restrictions have been eased, performing in small campfire concerts.

And familiar faces on stage and screen Lucy Durack (Shrek) and Eddie Perfect (Offspring) join forces with actors and producers Wayne Hope and Robyn Butler (Upper Middle Bogan and The Librarians) to take us through how they created an isolation romcom Love in Lockdown over iPhones in just 17 days.

Adam Hills finishes the program by giving us a backstage tour of his ‘studio’ where he’s presenting his popular UK show The Last Leg.

8pm Monday on ABC.

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