Axed: Emergence

New US series Emergence has been axed by ABC after just 13 episodes.

The mystery thriller stars Allison Tolman (Fargo), Alexa Swinton and Owain Yeoman.

Meanwhile from Monday the show moves to 9GO! where 3 episodes screen from 8:30pm.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. I’m not surprised the acting especially from that child actress is terrible ! I quit watching in the middle of the first episode.

  2. ‘Emergence’ looks like it should have been made as a short run mini-series from the start.
    US studios do like to take audiences for granted by assuming that a modest (often recycled) story arc can become a profitable 3-4 season time slot filler.
    ABC, NBC and others can thank the streaming services for viewer impatience about new content nowadays.

    • roaringdave

      I agree. Make it as say a 10 part series with an ending and if it rates well, there’s easy ways to come up with more story for further seasons.

    • Networks create many pilots, the best they try for 13 eps, some of those they pick for a full season, (others are replaced with mid-season shows), half of those that get a full season are renewed for a 2nd season, (new shows replace those that don’t next fall). Popular shows provided 5-12 years of network content, OS sales and syndication and made enough money to make the whole system highly profitable.

      Mini-series cost much more to make, because they lack the economies of scale that potential 200+eps give, and require the network to roll the dice on a new show to replace them in a few weeks. Streaming services, premium cable and public broadcasters make them because they can afford to, as viewer pay them cash for quality original shows.

    • harrypotter1994

      I remember enjoying the ABC US show ‘Missing’. We knew it was cancelled before it ended and the show seemed wrapped up perfectly until the very last moment when Ashely Judd’s character gets kidnapped and goes ‘Missing’. I wish they just cut that from the broadcast tbh.

  3. I really liked this show and was hoping it would continue, but the good news is it concludes quite satisfyingly with a lot of loose ends tied up tidily, so it at least doesn’t leave you hanging.

  4. This will surprise no one. NBC made the pilot but passed on it. ABC gave it a 13 episode order because they were short a show. Back in November ABC didn’t didn’t order it to a full season, after it’s ratings had halved. So it was effectively cancelled then and just awaiting the last rights before Disney’s upfronts. However, with production severely impacted, networks are short on shows, so everyone had to wait a further fortnight till they were officially released from their contracts.

  5. I would never have known this, if not for this site. I thought that the last episode screened last week.
    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  6. carolemorrissey

    I’ve been taping it but hadn’t watched it yet. I knew they announced their cancellations/renewals in May so was waiting till it got renewed before watching it. I’ve been burnt too many times with these mystery shows ending on a cliffhanger & getting cancelled. I can delete them now.

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