Axed: Project Blue Book, Knightfall.

Two drama titles which screen on SBS have been culled in the US.

Project Blue Book and Knightfall both end at two seasons after the History channel did not renew either.

Project Blue Book, starring Aidan Gillen, averaged 1.3 million same-day US viewers for its second season, which ended in March.

Period drama Knightfall, starring Tom Cullen & Jim Carter wrapped its second season in the US in May 2019, averaging about 650,000 viewers over its run.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Yes, project blue book was good.
    Season two ended with a major unanswered question !
    A little annoying when shows get cancelled when show runners were hoping for another season hence ended a season open ended.
    To all those who were thinking of watching the show, still do so. Is worth it you like x files type shows.

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