CEO Therese Hegarty departs Seven Studios

Seven Studios CEO to depart as broadcaster continues organisational restructure and reels from COVID-19 impact.

Seven Studios CEO Therese Hegarty will depart the business after 8 years with the company.

Seven West Media noted her departure as part of its business transformation and as a result of the significant financial and operational impact of COVID-19.

Hegarty joined the organisation in 2012, becoming CEO of Seven Studios in 2019. Under her leadership Seven Studios has seen production commissions and co-productions with Netflix, Amazon and Facebook among others. Titles have included Home and Away, Plate of Origin, Back To The Rafters, Better Homes and Gardens, Secret Bridesmaids Business, House Rules, My Kitchen Rules and more.

Seven West Media Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer James Warburton said: “Therese has been a true asset to the business, delivering a wealth of knowledge and experience during her time at Seven. I’ve enjoyed working with her over the past eight months and wish her all the best for the future.”

Therese Hegarty said: “I have been privileged to work with such an incredible team of talented, generous people, many of whom I am proud to call friends, across the eight years and various roles I have held at Seven.

“I’d like to express my sincere thanks to all of them. I’m very sad to be leaving Seven but look forward to new challenges in the future.”

The change comes despite an earlier company restructure by James Warburton late last year. Seven Studios has also been rumoured to be amongst potential asset sales, while Seven is yet to announce its new Director of Content.

Hegerty will remain with the business for an interim period to ensure a smooth transition of Seven Studios as its operations commence reporting to Seven Director of Production Andrew Backwell.

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  1. I just love it how these companies are sooo effusive about the people they’ve just given the flick to…
    “true asset to the business ” ( well if she was such an asset why get rid of her ?
    Et tu, Brutus ?

  2. Wasn’t she in charge of regulatory and government affairs (which includes all the legislation and policies such as the code of practice)? Or she was in charge of acquisitions / content deals with distributors?

    I get confused as there was her who had one of those roles and another lady who now oversees the ACMA or Free TV or something.

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