Home & Away to resume filming

Good news from Seven’s camp today with Home & Away set to resume filming later this month.

Production was suspended in late March due to pandemic restrictions.

A Seven spokesperson said in a statement, “Home and Away will resume filming on May 25 at Seven’s studios. This follows a seven-week break that was implemented as a precautionary response to COVID-19 but also included Easter holidays.

“A range of measures will be in place to minimise risk for cast and crew, to be overseen by dedicated safety officers. The measures include temperature checks on arrival, increased hygiene practices and rigorous cleaning schedules.

“Scripts will also be reworked to reduce close contact, in constant consultation with the cast and crew to ensure the health and safety of all.”

Georgie Parker recently told TV Tonight, “It’s all to do with when restrictions will be lessened. We were working right up until about (four) and a half weeks ago and we were doing really well. We had adjusted filming in a very effective manner, adhering to as much spatial distancing as was possible.”

She added, “You can’t do a classic two-shot because you can’t have people standing that close to each other. So then everything is about cheating the distance with camera angles, and then it’s about staggering people in the frame.”

This follows Neighbours resuming filming in late April at its Nunawading site, for which it has attracted global media coverage.

While Home & Away is yet to confirm location work, production restart on both soaps puts Australia ahead of UK soaps.

Source: The Daily Telegraph.


  1. carolemorrissey

    Why are they showing triple episodes on Thursday nights? Aren’t they behind? They will run out of episodes. And what happened to the other 2 parts of the Billy Connoly specials? They showed the first one weeks ago then had a completely different show listed the following week then put Home & Away on instead. Wish 7 would stop stuffing around their programming.

    • I asked this the other week. It was convenient with 4 episodes a week and I record and watch later and missed the sudden triple when the Billy Connelly specials were advertised earlier in that week.
      It seemed strange when drama points were not needed and I am a bit advocate for keeping Aussie content on air, but he triples to burn it off limited episodes was perplexing.
      At this stage they will not run out, based on David’s comment earlier we will be approximately 2.5 months behind

      • Remember Seven had H&A off for three weeks. As they already have a few months “in the can”, they needed to catch up from that.

    • They can try that but it didn’t work for house rules. The current ads for Big Brother doesn’t make me want to watch it. Moving the timeslot for both shows are just going to be more problematic. They were also showing triple episodes on Thursday nights for the last few weeks. I would have thought they would have stopped that to conserve the episodes. But they don’t have much else to show on a Thursday night apart from cat videos.

  2. Is it true that while they are resuming production in the studios on May 25, location shooting at Palm Beach will still be on hold?

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