How Lego Masters becomes the top show of the year so far

Lego loves Timeshifting, enough to pip Married at First Sight for the #1 crown.

Lego Masters: “The Winner Announced” has risen above Married at First Sight‘s finale to become the top rating title of the OzTAM survey year.

The “winner announced” segment of the finale is now at 1.63m metro viewers after 7 Day consolidated viewing.

That puts it ahead of Married at First Sight‘s 28 Day consolidated viewing of 1.56m metro viewers.

Strictly speaking it benefits from the brief “winner announced” segment, which works rather like a peak figure, rather than averaging. When comparing finale to finale MAFS is still in front of Lego‘s finale of 1.39m.

But Lego will rise slightly higher again once 28 Day viewing is tallied.

2020 has been an odd year due to the pandemic, with no State of Origin to enjoy bragging rights. The only event to attract more is the Nadal v Kyrgios Australian Open quarter-final clash (1.87m metro viewers) -but that’s also out of official ratings.

All three shows are on Nine.

Hamish Turner, Nine’s Program Director, said: “The phenomenal success of Lego Masters is testament to the universal appeal of Lego and the extraordinary creativity unleashed in the show. Lego Masters showcases the power of imagination as it tips the traditional reality format on its head. It is also the most co-viewed program of the year as people of all ages flocked to it.”

Lego Masters also posted year-on-year metro audience growth with:
People 25-54: up 1.2%
GS + Child: up 1.1%
Total People: up 0.3%

On 9Now, Lego Masters achieved year on year growth in VPM for live and catch-up viewing:
Total Live + VOD VPM of 138,000: up 21%
Live VPM of 18,000: up 101%
VOD VPM of 120,000: up 15%

Lego Masters was also a breakout hit on social media with:
74,143 likes on Facebook: up 71.4% (year-on-year)
36,521 followers on Instagram: up 98.5%
4,062 followers on Twitter: up 83.1%

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  1. The standout feature of Lego Masters is that the contestants are ordinary people (with great skills). They don’t work in the industry they are competing in, alter their appearance to enhance a social media following, or use the show to create uber drama.

    I agree: Brickman for Best New Talent (can you get it in your second year?)

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think with consolidated figured Lego is the highest averaging show of 2020 so far? From the averages I’ve worked out MAFS did an average of around 1.22 Million whilst Lego did 1.33 Million.

  3. I do wonder if the success of this and the resurgence of Masterchef is a sign that as we emerge from the events of the year so far that people are seeking easy, satisfying content. And, if so, what this could means for the likes of MAFS which are heavy on the manufactured drama.

  4. The star of this show isn’t Hamish or the contestants, its brick man. Genuine and sincere. Even tho its the second series. he’s still the best new talent on tv.

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