HYBPA? is in the building

Working Dog cleverly finds a way to keep everybody safe while lifting the broadcast quality.

Have You Been Paying Attention? panelists are no longer zooming from home, as nimble producers find new ways to work within COVID-19 restrictions while still keeping everybody safe.

When the 10 show returned earlier this month, stars including Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang were at home while Tom Gleisner was in the studio. Viewers praised Working Dog for subtle touches such as identical backgrounds and buzzers for the panel.

But as restrictions begin to ease there are also new ways of making the show, with 10’s Como base in South Yarra now proving a versatile space across multiple floors.

While Gleisner remains in the studio, Kavalee, Pang and Melbourne talent are cleverly dotted around various suites and offices on three levels. Producers are mindful to keep cast and crew safe, but it also means there are dedicated links for broadcast quality, and avoiding reliance on the NBN.

Production sources confirmed there are a few exceptions. Hayley Sproull was in New Zealand this week, while Amanda Keller was in Sydney last week. Guest quizmasters are now beaming in from across the globe -an added bonus in the current situation.

While Working Dog can be praised for proving adept, the line of the night went to Mick Molloy: “This is great. This remind me of how I used to give evidence in court cases.”

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  1. I had forgotten there was a NZ edition until mentioned as part of Hayley’s intro this week – not sure why 10 hasn’t picked it up, could fill the 9:30pm Thursday void after Gogglebox / SVU.

    Or maybe try it as a Saturday night filler after The Dog House instead than the umpteenth Ambulance replay.

  2. You could see a small delay when Hayley Buzzed in, but I’m sure most people didn’t notice. It’s still a really entertaining show.

    Needs more video quizmasters asking questions…

  3. Gotta give some praise to the editors for Episode 1. It looked like a lot of work required in a short time to re-sync all the talent & buzzers over 5 internet feeds, and I suspect they worked extra hard on the first ep, but it was still great. Big fan of the show.

      1. Working Dog have done a lot of work to negate technical issues but I honestly think the crew’s loud laughter is the most significant part in making the show feel normal and easy to watch. If you compare HYBPA? to other normally great comedy shows that don’t have an audience (like The Weekly), the differences are huge.

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