Lockdown gives Hamish & Andy the itch to travel

Exclusive: Hamish Blake says more travel specials with Andy Lee are "just a question of when."

EXCLUSIVE: The current lockdown has Hamish & Andy contemplating their next “Perfect” Holiday specials, when travel restrictions are relaxed.

Hamish Blake recently told TV Tonight, “We were tossing up whether we’d travel again this year and do another travel show. I’d say that’s a No. But if anything it’s built the passion back up again, to hit the road if and when we can…. as soon as things return to a modicum of normality.

“We’re always toiling away on various ideas but we’re happy if they take years to come to fruition. Short-term or medium-term we’d certainly be interested in doing another Perfect Holiday. It’s just a question of when.”

Meanwhile the global production shutdown has also slowed plans on a US adaptation of True Story for NBC.

The US edition will star Ed Helms (The OfficeThe Hangover) and Randall Park (Fresh Off the Boat, Always Be My Maybe).

“Like every production in the US there is a pause on it,” says Blake,

“It doesn’t feel like the right time to make people fly across the country and share their story. So we’ll wait and see how that all plays out. From what we understand, almost every single production is on hold at the moment, so the next couple of weeks, probably months, will give us a better read on what’s going on there.

“But overall, it’s awesome. There’s still a lot of things the production team can do at this time, so that when it is able to ramp back up again it’s good to go.”

Hamish & Andy’s “Perfect” Holiday is replayed 7:30pm Tuesday on Nine.

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  1. I’m not a fan of comedy but I liked their segments featuring the bus pulling in Germany and the bodybuilding contest in New York. Channel Nine were able to get H&A to work after the poor content and ratings their shows suffered on TEN.

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